2012: Best Year on Record for BMW Motorrad

January 9, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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2012 BMW R 1200 GS
The BMW R1200GS was the most popular mount for the German marque in 2012, selling 17,249 units worldwide.

BMW Motorrad maintained its sales growth through the end of 2012, making the year the German marque’s best on record with a total of 106,358 motorcycles and scooters supplied throughout the world. For the month of December alone deliveries rose by 43.4% (6069 units) as compared to the same period in 2011 (4232 units).

BMW’s domestic market remains the most vibrant, claiming 20,516 units sold in Germany. The United States came in second with 12,100 units. France (10,950) and Italy (10,200) were third and fourth-largest respectively. Growth in South America also added to BMW’s success, with 7422 units delivered in Brazil. BMW has been manufacturing motorcycles in its Manaus, Brazil plant since 2010 and plans to expand production of its products in the country by 2014. The development project is expected to draw over 200 million Euros in investment and create over 1000 new jobs in the region.

BMW Motorrad’s global success remains powered by the success of its GS line of motorcycles. The R1200GS came out as the brand’s most popular mount worldwide, with 17,249 units sold over the year. The F800GS was the second most popular model, selling 11,487 units while the R1200GS Adventure rounded out the top-three with 10,203 units sold. Other segments did well too; 8970 S1000RR superbikes were distributed, 7909 R1200 RT touring bikes were sold and the big-bore K1600GT and GTL models combined for 10,033 units sold.

In the US market, S1000RR sales grew by 20.9% with a total of 1934 units sold compared to the 1600 distributed in 2011. The K1600GT and GTL also did well in the States, with the GT’s sales up to 697 units (+87.9% from 2011) and the GTL’s up to 1601 (+58.7 from 2011). G-Series sales improved as well following the introduction of the G650GS Sertao, helping to bump the entire G-Series line to 994 units sold compared to 757 in 2011. Overall, BMW Motorrad had a 14% rise in sales in 2012 compared to 2011 in the US.

BMW Motorrad subsidiary Husqvarna also had a stellar year, registering a 15.7% improvement on its figures as compared to 2011. While December was down by 4.7% for the brand, the high sales achievements reached earlier in the year provided more than enough to make the year a success. Husky’s off-road line-up remained the most popular, but sales of street models like the Nuda 900 and 900R as well as of the TR650 Terra and Strada maintained steady growth and added to the boost in overall sales as well.

President of BMW Motorrad, Stephen Shaller, issued this statement regarding the successful year.

Introducing the 2013 BMW F 800 GT.
The 2013 BMW F800 GT hits markets in February and is expected to help boost sales even higher than in 2012.

“Never before in the history of BMW Motorrad have we been able to sell as many vehicles. We have achieved this magnificent retail success in the context of a very difficult motorcycle market, especially in Europe. I would like to thank all our customers most sincerely for having placed their trust in us. The new all-time sales high demonstrates that our motorcycles and maxi scooters have been received extremely well. We are on the right track with our product and sales strategy and we will power ahead at full pace to enable ongoing growth.

“In December we started supplying to customers what is currently the most innovative vehicle in the 1000cc supersports segment: the new HP4. The three special Boxer models ’90 years of BMW Motorrad’ will arrive at dealerships in January. In February we will start supplying the new mid-range touring bike F800GT. And March 2013 sees the launch of the successor to our bestseller. The all new R1200GS – containing our entire experience drawn from over 30 years of GS development. It offers significantly enhanced performance, a higher level of touring and off-road suitability, more equipment, enhanced safety and comfort and a distinctive, modern GS design. We are confident that the new version of the world’s top-selling travel enduro bike will attract even more customers. We also anticipate powerful growth stimuli from our maxi scooters. Since the market launch in the second half of 2012 we have been able to sell almost 5,300 vehicles and we now look forward to the first whole sales year. There are lots of new products in store for our customers in 2013 – the year of our 90th anniversary. Based on our ongoing product offensive we feel confident as we look ahead to the upcoming season. Our aim is to surpass the 2012 record once again.”