AMA Youth Hare & Hound to Award Nat’l Titles

January 14, 2013
Courtesy of American Motorcyclist Association
American Motorcyclist Association

An exciting new off-road racing series sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association will recognize the best youth desert racers in America in 2013. The AMA Youth Hare & Hound National Championship Series will follow the AMA FMF/GPR Hare & Hound National Championship Series and feature nine rounds across California, Idaho, Utah and Nevada.

“We’re pleased to work with the National Hare & Hound Association on the new youth national championship series, giving our youngest desert racers an opportunity to compete next to the country’s top riders,” said AMA Off-Road Manager Chuck Weir. “The NHHA is doing an excellent job of fostering ingenuity in desert racing in America, and this is another example of how this productive relationship is helping to enhance one of the AMA’s most historic national championship series.”

In past years, individual clubs may have held youth competitions in conjunction with rounds of the national series. However, those rounds would not pay series points or provide AMA national-level recognition. For 2013, youth classes will award an AMA national title, and the AMA and NHHA will recognize riders for their accomplishments in the overall series. In addition, thanks in part to the higher-profile treatment of the youth classes, additional prizes and sponsor-provided awards will be available.

“The NHHA is really excited about the addition of the youth national series,” said NHHA Series Promotions Manager Chris Blais. “This is a great opportunity for the young riders to get a little taste of desert racing at its best. These kids are the future of our sport, and we want to give them the opportunities we had as kids to race, have fun and become champions!”

Blais added that while some elements of the series will be uniform to provide a consistently high-profile experience for youth racers, each round will also have a certain level of variety — particularly in terms of the courses, which clubs will use to showcase local terrain.

Events in California will run a 5-mile course for all youth classes except the Pee-Wee and Micro classes that will use a 2.5-mile course. Races also may be slightly different durations, although most should fall within a 45-minute to 1.5-hour time frame. Dead engine mass starts will be used, just like with the big bikes, and pro riders from the national series will participate as race starters and fans during each event.

The schedule is below. Detailed rules and specific class information are available at  

2013 AMA FMF/GPR Hare & Hound National Championship Series Schedule
Note: Round 8 does not include youth classes

Round 1:
Jan. 26: Youth
Jan. 27: Amateur
Desert Motorcycle Club Inc.
Rick Nuss
(626) 205-0121  
LOC: Johnson Valley OHVA, Lucerne Valley, Calif.

Round 2
Feb. 9: Youth
Feb. 10: Amateur
Four Aces MC
Richie Wohlers
(805) 358-2668  
LOC: Spangler Hills-Ridgecrest, Calif.

Round 3 (No ATVs)
March 24: Amateur, Youth
Dirt Inc.
Bill Walsh
(208) 459-6871   
LOC: Murphy, Idaho

Round 4
April 13: Youth
April 14: Amateur
SoCal MC
Justin Shultz
(949) 981-6776  
LOC: Johnson Valley OHVA, Lucerne Valley, Calif.

Round 5
April 27: Youth
April 28: Amateur
Vikings MC
Steve Williams
(310) 490-4575  
LOC: Johnson Valley OHVA, Lucerne Valley, Calif

Round 6 (Saturday event)
May 4: Amateur, Youth
Sage Riders
Talisa Flitton
(435) 660-0430  
LOC: Jericho, Utah

Round 7 (Saturday event)
May 18: Amateur, Youth
Sugarloafers MC
KC Bogue
(435) 864-8305  
LOC: Jericho, Utah

Round 8 (Saturday event, no ATVs, no Youth)
July 13: Amateur
Erek Kudla
(805) 236-5866  
LOC: Tahoe Reno Motorplex, McCarran, Nev.

Round 9 (Saturday event, no ATVs)
Aug. 24: Amateur, Youth
Silver State Trailblazers
Zack Livreri
(702) 645-2506  
LOC: Panaca, Nev.

Round 10
Oct. 12: Youth
Oct. 13: Amateur
100’s MC
Ryan Sanders
(949) 584-9395  
LOC: Johnson Valley OHVA, Lucerne Valley, Calif.

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