James Stewart and Troy Lee Introduce Seven

January 8, 2013
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Stewart will be wearing a new riding kit for the 13 Supercross season. Production versions will be available around September  2013.
A launch part for the new Seven brand took place at Troy Lee Designs Laguna Beach  California store.
Troy Lee and James Stewart share a laugh at the release party of Stewarts new riding gear brand.
Two-time Supercross champ James Stewart and Troy Lee Designs are teaming up for a new design collaboration. The new brand will be called Seven.

Troy Lee Designs has a long history of working with top-level athletes. Now it’s forging a new relationship with James Stewart, arguably one of the most naturally gifted Supercross and motocross motorcycle racers. Together they have introduced a new brand appropriately called, Seven. The name stems from Stewart’s race number that he’s used for much of his professional career.

“The right people at the right time,” says Lee when asked why his company has been releasing a wave of fresh design collaborations, including the McGrath and Maddison-inspired DC kit. “I like surrounding myself with great people—I think that’s how our company keeps growing—and definitely Stewart is one of the greats.”

“I’ve been with some great brands the last few years and now I have my own,” said Stewart at a launch at Troy Lee Designs’ Laguna Beach store. “To be able to work with Troy—it’s been great. I can’t ask for anything better.”

The premise of the new brand is to evolve the fit and function of off-road riding gear, an area which is lacking according to the two-time Supercross champ.“The bikes have changed but gear has been the same besides colors. We’re hoping to change that.”

“I tried talking him out of it a couple of times,” Lee claims. “Every time I talked to him it made sense. I had to talk to my people and make sure we could all make this thing happen. But I’m thrilled to death that we did.”

Along with the pant, jersey and gloves, Seven will also be releasing a line of sportswear that will also be designed with both Stewart and Troy Lee’s input. While Stewart will wear his new riding kit during the Monster Energy Supercross season the final production pieces won’t be for sale until September, 2013.

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