James Stewart Tweets He’ll Race in Phoenix

January 8, 2013
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Last year is in the past and if I just focus on what Im doing and keep doing things right  everything will be good  said Stewart in a pre-race press conference.
JS7 is in! After banging up his knee in Anaheim, Yoshimura Suzuki rider James Stewart wrote on Twitter that he intends on competing this weekend in the second Supercross round.

“I’ll See You Guys Saturday.”

Good news out of the Yoshimura Suzuki camp. Injured rider James Stewart just tweeted the preceeding statement, meaning he’s in for this weekend’s Monster Energy Supercross Phoenix round. This doesn’t shed light on the extent of his injury, but it does mean that JS7 intends on competing this weekend after gutting it out in A1. Stewart caught his foot and twisted his knee during qualifying practice in Anaheim but still mounted up and rode to an eighth place finish despite barely being able to walk.

“To somehow salvage good points tonight. Was in so much pain but that 8th could help me win the title this yr,” wrote Stewart on his js7 Twitter account after the race.

It’s a long season and riding through pain is inevitable, but Stewart showed the mettle of a champion with his ride in Anaheim. Round 2 in Phoenix will be another barometer by which to gauge the extent of his injuries, though.