John Penton Film Reaches Funding Goal

January 23, 2013
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New film about John Penton and the birth of KTM motorcycles will be narrated by Grammy Award-winning artist Lyle Lovett - if funding goal is reached.
The book by Ed Youngblood pictured above served as inspiration for the soon-to-be produced film about John Penton.

After a failed first attempt, the grass-roots effort to fund a film on the life and accomplishments of John Penton has finally reached its goal. Led by filmmaker Todd Huffman, the campaign to raise funds for the work elicited support from individuals and motorcycle companies alike through, a site that gives creators of artistic projects a venue to share their ideas and receive monetary support from interested investors. The Penton film had a goal of $150,000 dollars, but was able to raise $160,315.15 and the list of contributors reads like a who’s who of motorcycling past and present. A recent press release outlines the details of the project, which is included below, as is a video set to be included in the film from an interview with Penton. – Byron Wilson

The 60-day “crowd-sourcing” pledge campaign to fund the production of a film about motorcycle off-road and innovation pioneer John Penton on, ended successfully on Monday night with $160,315.50 raised, eclipsing the goal of $150,000. The 562 “backers” of the film pledged between $1.00 and $10,000.00 to help the filmmakers, Pipeline Digital Media reach the goal so they can begin production beginning in March.

These backers of “The John Penton Story” were made up of Penton and motorcycle enthusiasts, clubs, dealers and particularly industry companies KTM USA, Alpinestars, Acerbis, Motion Pro, Matrix Racing Concepts, and the Legends & Heroes Tour. Also supporting the project was a host of motorcycle legends including; Mark Blackwell, Bob Hannah, Brad Lackey, Torsten Hallman, Malcolm Smith, Ricky Johnson, Jim Holley, Ronnie Lechien, Lars Larsson, Gunnar Lindstrom, and Scott Burnworth.

“We are so thankful to all the companies and individuals who believe in this project and made it happen,” said Todd Huffman, the films’ Producer and Director at Pipeline Digital Media. “Getting to start on this important story about the Pentons is truly special.”

The film which will be narrated by Grammy Winner, Lyle Lovett will begin production in the spring of 2013 with interviews being conducted in OH, CA, TX, ID, MO, OR, WA and other places in the United States. The crew will also travel to Europe to shoot in Austria (KTM), Italy (Alpinestars, Acerbis) and other countries to bring the complete Penton story to life. Producers will use interviews, archival materials, re-creations and Mr. Lovett’s warm voice-over style to tell John Penton’s patriotic tale of inspiration, tragedy, triumph and innovation.

“At the end of the day we hope to have an interesting, heartwarming motorcycle movie that the entire world will enjoy for generations,” added Huffman.

Shooting should wrap up by the end of summer with post-production beginning in the fall and completion by Q1 of 2014. The public can expect to see the final film by Spring 2014. There will be opportunities for companies to become marketing partners and sponsors of this film to take advantage of regional screening and retail traffic building initiatives.

About John Penton:
John Penton is an American icon and motorcycle racing and innovation pioneer. He was a championship off-road rider and record setter of the motorcycle transcontinental speed record in 1959, aboard a BMW. In the late 1960’s he developed his own Penton motorcycle brand, which was manufactured by KTM in Austria. The Penton brand became an international championship brand in both off-road and motocross before being taken over in 1978 by KTM. He also developed the highly successful “Hi-Point” brand of motorcycle clothing, lubricants and accessories. For more information on John Penton please visit the American Motorcyclists Association’s Hall of Fame at

About PDM:
Pipeline Digital Media is a full-service, high-definition, broadcast TV and video production company. PDM produced series and specials for CBS, Speed, Versus, Fuel, Fox Sports Net, Outdoor Life Network, and ESPN. Most recently in 2012 they produced the online series The Young Guns and The Orange Assault following the Geico-Honda and Red Bull-KTM teams during the 2012 Lucas Oil Motocross Championship Series for PDM also produced specials for CBS Sports called Four Legends and the Legends of Supercross-The Races. PDM also has produced the highly acclaimed series for Speed on the history of motocross, The Motocross Files and motorcycle adventure reality series Epic Ride. In 2010 PDM produced the feature length documentary about the legendary Carlsbad United States Grand Prix, The Carlsbad USGP:1980.

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