LeoVince Unites Brands for 2013

January 16, 2013
Courtesy of LeoVince USA
LeoVince USA Logo

As of January 1, 2013 LeoVince has moved forward with a new look for its global brand that will unify all product lines. The restyled logo presents LeoVince as the core brand with an Italian design element to solidify its foundation and heritage.

LeoVince’s new global brand logo will retain the original striking blue script plus incorporate the three colors of the Italian flag in an underlining stripe to emphasize the company’s identity and history. The North American version will feature “U.S.A.” lettering beneath the emblem. To strengthen the overall brand, the LeoVince SBK, LeoVince X3 and LeoVince SCOOT logos will no longer be used.

LeoVince has been producing premium exhaust systems for scooters, cruisers, off-road and sport motorcycles for over 25 years. Established in 1987, LeoVince’s production of exhaust systems has set the industry’s benchmark by blending hand craftsmanship, high quality materials, and the use of modern cam/cad technology into the engineering of their product line.

The history of the brand name lends further insight into LeoVince’s identity and forward thinking. “Leo” was derived from Leonardo da Vinci, and accurately reflects the company embracing the Renaissance Man’s passion for inventing artistic yet mechanically functional devices. The LeoVince script (an original one of a kind font) resembles a persons name and the lettering is meant to look like a personal signature endorsing this brand. This was done to represent the importance and impact of each person involved in hand crafting the exceptional line of products.

In Italian, “Vince” means “To Win,” and represents LeoVince’s dedication to help customers get the most from their machines by giving them products with exceptional performance and unmatched styling. LeoVince’s long held tradition of utilizing innovative materials and technologies, along with a team of highly trained engineers and technicians, keeps its products at the forefront in the world of motorcycle racing and riding. The new global logo presents to the world that the heritage, art and technology behind this brand are clearly of Italian design.