New Modern Bike Class at Thundersprint 2013

January 29, 2013
Courtesy of Thundersprint
Thundersprint 2013 has a new Powerbikes class created for motorcycles made between 1989 and the current day.

The Thundersprint has always been the “must do” event of the year for classic riders but with the re-location to the fabulous Anglesey circuit the interest from riders of modern machines has been incredible.

Thundersprint organiser Frank Melling said: “We have had so many enquiries from riders of modern bikes that we have decided to create a new class so that everyone can take part.

“Previously, our cut-off date was 1988 but the new Powerbikes class will accept all motorcycles made between 1989 and the current day.

“We hope to attract the same range of riders as with all our other classes so we will be just as pleased to see a Yamaha Virago – preferably without the dangly tassels on the handlebars – as the latest Ducati Panigale.

“The great joy of the Thundersprint is that riders are racing only against the clock so there is none of the fairing banging aggression of full on road racing.

“The atmosphere is also very relaxed with the emphasis on having fun, rather than do or die competition.

“Riders can buy a one event ACU competition licence, tape up the lights and then enjoy the spectacular international 2.1 mile Anglesey track.

“Entry to the Thundersprint includes three 15 minutes track sessions plus the Cavalcade so there really is a packed day on offer.”

For more information e-mail or phone the Thundersprint hotline on 01928 740 498.

And here is what a lap of the track looks like from the inside:

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