Product Peek: Arai XD 4 Helmet

January 21, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Arai XD4 Explore
Arai XD 4 Black
The Arai XD 4 Explore (Above) and the XD 4 (below) are upgraded versions of the popular XD 3 dual sport helmet.

Arai’s new XD 4 dual sport helmet has loads of design upgrades and safety enhancements, giving adventure riders, motocrossers or weekend day-trippers a slick new lid option for 2013. As an update to the popular XD 3 model, the XD 4 is the latest in a long line of Arai dual sport helmets that have been a favorite of riders across the globe over the past decade.

The XD 4’s shell and peak were reshaped to allow for better aerodynamics and are claimed to help keep the helmet stable, even at highway speeds. It received brow vents, new exhaust ports, larger sculpted side cowl vents and a redesigned chin vent to maximize air-flow. New Facial Contour Support cheek pads help make putting the helmet on and taking it off a breeze without sacrificing a snug fit. It has a removable liner made of Dry-Cool Lining Material to help improve heat and moisture transfer and also comes with a one-piece EPS liner that has been part of the Arai arsenal for almost 20 years.

In terms of safety, the Emergency Cheek-Pad Release Design, first seen on the Arai VX Pro3 dirt helmet, gives emergency responders better access to an injured rider, allowing them to slide the pads out by way of a pull-tab built into the underside of the pad. The Complex Laminate Construction of the XD 4 shell utilizes aerospace-grade fiberglass to offer a combination of strength and durability in a lightweight package.

The XD 4 comes in a number of color options, from solid white, black and grey to fluorescent yellow. There’s also an Explore line that has a number of two-tone graphics options as well. Pricing starts at $599.95 and goes up to $729.95, but it will be an investment well worth the cost thanks to the peace of mind afforded by the myriad safety and comfort features. Plus it’s a pretty cool looking lid, which is always a perk. Stay tuned for a full Arai XD 4 helmet review once the riding season gets fully underway as we’re excited to see if it lives up to expectations.

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