Product Peek: Asterisk Cyto Cell

January 29, 2013
Frankie Garcia
Frankie Garcia
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Competing in every discipline of motorcycle racing possible, when he isn't mastering his skill of social networking, the new kid will do just about anything to throw his leg over a bike and ride it until he simply cannot hold on anymore.

Knee brace manufacturer Asterisk has added yet another brace to their line of already proven knee braces. Produced in California, the Cyto Cell, has been generated as a better priced, entry-level knee brace compared to Asterisk’s proven original Cell and top-of-the-line Ultra Cell. 

Knee braces have been proven by studies that they in fact lower the risk of knee injuries. A brace’s job is to prevent a rider’s knee from over-extending in just about every direction. Many riders choose not to wear a legitimate set of motocross knee braces simply because of the costly prices most of them are associated with. Asterisk went to work to provide riders with a knee brace that is less expensive but at the same time, is able to protect the complexity of the knee joint.

With the affordable costs of the new Cyto Cell (Retail – $249 each) motocross and off-road enthusiasts can purchase a set for less than $500. Asterisk was able to design the brace using less-expensive components, ultimately, reducing the cost while preserving the same features crucial to providing an effective knee brace.

You can pick up yourself a set of Cyto Cell knee braces at your local authorized Asterisk Dealer. For more info on the Cyto Cell, you can give Asterisk a call at (800) 459-2999. The Cyto Cell knee brace will be available on on January 31, 2013.

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