John Deere Announces 2013 XUV Models

February 12, 2013
Frankie Garcia
Frankie Garcia
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John Deere has introduced its 2013 line of Heavy Duty Crossover Vehicles (XUV). Included in the pack is the all-new, most powerful and fastest four-seat gator to date as well as updates to the current line-up.

 Four-seat Gator XUV
Farmers and outdoorsmen alike are now able to bring additional workers, family and friends along for a ride as they take to the dirt in the new heavy duty XUV 825i S4. This addition to the family of Gators delivers the same amounts toughness as the two seat Gator but has an additional row of seating for more passengers or cargo during off-road outings.
“The introduction of the XUV 825i S4 is a reflection of the growing popularity of our crossover utility vehicles,” said David Gigandet, marketing manager. “Customers wanted our heavy-duty XUV, in a multi-passenger form that was comfortable and customizable. These new Gators provide an unparalleled balance of performance and work capability for all off-road challenges.”
A convertible style rear seat/cargo space allows for either extra passengers or an additional load. The comfortable backseat area includes a large under seat storage compartment. In the event more cargo space is needed, the rear seats fold down in an instant providing a platform equipped with tie-down points able to hold an extra 400 pounds of cargo.

Using the same 50hp 812cc Inline-3 engine that is in the current 825i, the XUV’s mill features electronic fuel Injection and dual overhead cams. Boasting a top speed of 44mph, the four-seat machine is also equipped with a fully locking 4-wheel drive system to handle all types of conditions. The Gator’s fully independent, double wishbone suspension strokes through eight inches of travel and gives 11 inches of ground clearance. The XUV’s power steering is armed with an anti-kickback feature, which is now standard on the S4 models as well. This offers easy control with small efforts, no matter what the terrain may be.
The composite and metal hybrid cargo box, at 16.4 cubic feet, has a 1000lb. weight rating and contains more than 20 tie-down points. The box also features a truck-style tailgate and removable side panels for a flatbed approach.
The Heavy-Duty XUV 855D S4 is available with a 23hp, liquid cooled 3-Cylinder diesel engine.
2013 XUV Line Updates
The XUV 825i is now fitted with dynamic downhill engine braking as a result of a tighter belt and continuous variable transmission. A new seven-gallon fuel tank adds 40% more fuel volume and also includes a digital dash readout, abolishing the previous analog dial. The XUV 625i and XIV 855D models will also carry these features as well.
“Constant focus on our customers enables us deliver ongoing improvements like this to our portfolio of XUVs,” said Gigandet.
The entire lineup of Gators are available in Realtree Hardwoods HD Camo, olive and black, or standard John Deere green and yellow colorways with more than 75 factory and dealer installed options available for customization.
Visit your local John Deere dealer or to find out more.

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