2013 Polaris BRUTUS First Look

March 13, 2013
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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Polaris in the past few years has taken the UTV market by storm in just about every category, and now the Minnesota based manufacturer is turning its attention to commercial usage. The newly introduced BRUTUS is the company’s first purpose-built commercial vehicle. An outcome of the partnership of Polaris and Bobcat, the BRUTUS line of side-by-side utility vehicles feature the only front-end power take-off (PTO) capability.

The BRUTUS product line share a resemblance with the Ranger UTVs and use some of the same technology. The three models – BRUTUS, BRUTUS HD and BRUTUS HD PTO enable the user to complete tasks such as plowing, mowing and scooping from the comfort of a UTV.

A 24-horsepower diesel engine powers this latest Polaris with a hydrostatic transmission. A unique and innovative tread pedal allows travel in forward and reverse without shifting the transmission. Polaris’ On-Demand All-Wheel Drive, allows the BRUTUS to be used in just about any terrain.

A multi-link coil over De Dion rear suspension supports a 1,250-pound cargo capacity and minimizes sag when fully loaded. This provides class-leading ground clearance while offering up six inches of wheel travel. The BRUTUS also boasts a best-in-class towing capacity of 2,000 pounds.

The big news however is that the BRUTUS’ ability to operate several front-end attachments. The Pro-Tach attachment system, which is standard on the BRUTUS HD and BRUTUS HD PTO, lets the user switch from one work attachment to another quickly and easily. The front-end PTO system is powered directly from the diesel engine and transmits the power to a line of purpose-built, out-front attachments. Three PTO-power attachments are available: an angle broom, a finishing mover and a snow blower. Additionally three hydraulic units include a snowblade, pallet forks and a materials bucket.

Ready for any weather condition, the BRUTUS HD PTO comes standard with a fully enclosed cab that includes heat, defrost and air-conditioning.

The BRUTUS line is available for order now with shipments starting in April. Pricing begins at $15,199 for the BRUTUS, $17,999 for the BRUTUS HD and $23,999 for the BRUTUS HD PRO.

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