Custom Ride: Pursang by Radical Ducati

March 29, 2013
By James McBride
    Editor of Silodrome and a contributing writer for eBay Motors and Motorcycle USA.
Designed by Radical Ducati in Spain  this Mutistrada 1100 retains little of the original bike.
Designed by Radical Ducati in Spain, this Mutistrada 1100 retains little of the original bike.

When it comes to customizing a Ducati you have to be exceedingly careful to stay true to the marque and not add superfluous nonsense that’ll have Ducati purists baying for human blood. I’ve seen a few “tweaked” Ducatis that looked utterly awful, and I’m sure you have too. Sometimes it’s difficult to quantify exactly what’s wrong with the modified bike, but everyone can see it and no one likes it. Other than the oblivious owner.

When it comes to people who customize Ducatis properly the current king of the hill is undoubtedly Radical Ducati based out of Madrid, Spain. They use a remarkable combination of technical and engineering prowess as well as aesthetic sensibility to create what are, in my humble opinion, the greatest custom Ducatis in the world.

This bike, dubbed “Pursang” by Radical Ducati, started life as a stock Multistrada 1100 – though very little of the original bike remains. The trellis chromoly frame was fabricated in house from bare tubing, the engine was reworked with ported heads, DP Camshafts, NCR titanium valves and it’s fitted with an EVR Antihooping dry clutch.

The suspension on the front and rear was tossed out in favor of a set of track-spec Ohlins units, the fuel tank and seat were both hand-fabricated from carbon fiber and a 2-into-1 WolfMan exhaust system was added for a bit of extra growl.
The finished bike was track tested shortly after it was built. The engine, suspension and carburetors were tweaked to give slightly better track-focused performance, as that’s where it’ll be spending most of its life.

From a looks perspective the Pursang is a stunning street-fighter-esque motorcycle that wouldn’t look a whisker out of place in the New York Museum of Modern Art. To see more from Radical Ducati, visit

The track-spec Ohlins rear shock is matched with Ohlins forks out front.A two-into-one WolfMan exhaust system was added for a bit of extra growl.The trellis frame was fabricated in-house at Radical Ducati from bare tubing.