Daytona 200 Qualifying Results 2013

March 15, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Qualifying for the AMA Pro Daytona 200 was cut short after M4 Broaster Chicken’s Benny Solis hit a mechanical snag late in the session, leaving a long line of oil on track. At that point, Y.E.S Graves Yamaha’s Cameron Beaubier was almost two seconds ahead of the pack and will start Saturday’s Daytona 200 from pole position. Trailing in second is Beaubier’s teammate, Garrett Gerloff, followed Triple Crown’s Bobby Fong in third.

Beaubier came out quick off the start, assuming the top spot within the first few passes. He was the first rider to post a lap under the 1’50 mark, and ended the session as the only rider to dip into the 1’40s.

“This morning was pretty horrible conditions, but this afternoon it was really good,” said Beaubier. “The track temp came up and I got a good draft on the last straightaway to the finish. I got held up a little bit going through the chicane, and that was pretty much the only mistake I had. I just really want to thank my team, they gave me a great bike.”

Beaubier had plans to attempt another flyer before the finish, but the red flag ended his hopes of an even better lap time.

“I did put a new tire in to see what I could do. I went back out mid-session with the same tire I started on and I was doing some low ‘50s and that felt pretty good. I wanted to get a flyer in at the end, but I’m happy with my lap.”

Gerloff posted his best lap early in the session as well, and is looking forward to his first Daytona 200. He’s done two endurance races previously in his career, but never one at the legendary Speedway.

“I know my team has the best pit stop crew and that gives me a lot of confidence,” said Gerloff. “I’ve done two endurance races before and they’re definitely hard. Luckily there’s two pretty big straightaways to take a break on. The biggest problem for me is staying focused for that long, because you can start wandering after so many laps, so I just need to stay focused on what I’m doing.”

Trailing Fong in fourth was Desmo Veloce’s Jake Zemke in fourth, followed by RoadRace Factory’s JD Beach in fifth. Meen Motorsports’ Jake Lewis will start the 200 from sixth followed by 2012 Daytona 200 champion, Joey Pascarella of Riders Discount Racing Triumph, in seventh.

AMA Pro Daytona 200 Qualifying Results 2013:
1. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha) 1’49.612
2. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha) 1’51.102
3. Bobby Fong (Yamaha) 1’51.332
4. Jake Zemke (Ducati) 1’51.599
5. JD Beach (Yamaha) 1’51.871
6. Jake Lewis (Yamaha) 1’52.173
7. Joey Pascarella (Triumph) 1’52.213
8. Huntley Nash (Yamaha) 1’52.243
9. Jake Gagne (Yamaha) 1’52.343
10. James Rispoli (Suzuki) 1’52.439
11. Steve Rapp (Honda) 1’52.447
12. Benny Solis (Honda) 1’52.726
13. Jason DiSalvo (Triumph) 1’52.987
14. Kenny Riedmann (Triumph) 1’53.177
15. Elena Myers (Triumph) 1’53.479

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