Hell Rider Wins Baker Bike Week Smoke-Down

March 13, 2013
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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J P Cycles Patrick The Gorilla Garvin gives it his all at the 2013 Bike Week Baker Smoke-Down Showdown.
J&P Cycles Patrick Garvin is an animal when it comes to banging through gears, but tonight was not his night after he was DQed when his bike wouldn’t shift into fifth.

The Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond Beach lived up to its name Wednesday night as it hosted the sixth annual Baker Smoke-Down Showdown. A sea of bodies pressed in around center stage, filled the bleachers, and stood along the wooden walkways suspended around the property of the world famous biker bar to witness the spectacle. As emcees Jay Allen and host of the party Bert Baker worked the crowd, competitors lined up two at a time to see who could bang through five gears the fastest. Soon the unmistakable smell of spent rubber and billowing clouds of grey smoke would fill the air until one lightning quick contestant was crowned king.

“This is an American sport. They don’t do this in China!” shouted Baker to big cheers from the crowd.

The list of contenders included defending Sturgis champion, Patrick Garvin of J&P Cycles and the fastest woman on a V-Twin, land speed record holder Jody Perewitz. California Hell Riders Ian and Donnie Daniels, performers on the Wall of Death, also stepped up to show their professional clutch work. The brothers would soon show that they were here to compete as Ian rocketed to the first win of the night.

Next up was brother Donnie, who drew the tough task of racing against J&P’s Garvin. Both banged through the gears with the quickness, with Garvin apparently winning the race to fifth gear. But in the shocker of the night, Garvin had only gone through four gears and was disqualified.

“It wouldn’t go into fifth gear,” Garvin said afterward. “I banged it three times but it wouldn’t go so I shut it down” which sent a second California Hell Rider through to the semi-final round.

Next up was crowd favorite Jody P against Bob Sally. As the light tripped green, Jody’s bike stalled and Sally ripped through the gears fast to advance.

There was some tire-shreddin going on at the Iron Horse Saloon during the sixth annual Baker Smoke-Down Showdown.
There was some serious tire-shreddin’ going on at the Iron Horse Saloon during the sixth annual Baker Smoke-Down Showdown at Bike Week 2013.

Bill Dodge of Bling’s Cycles and Eric Moore followed. When Allen asked Moore what his strategy was, he said “Shift fast and beat his ass!” And he did, but in a closely contested battle.

It was big brother versus little brother in the first match of the second round as Ian and Donnie squared off. And even though Donnie talked a better game, it was Ian who let his shifting talk for him and put the smack down on his older brother to advance to the finals.

In the other semi-final match, Moore faced off against Sally. Both competitors ripped off five gears faster than most riders get through two, with Moore edging him out for a shot at the title.

“I think he’s got something bionic in his prosthetic,” Allen said in jest about Moore’s ability to shift so quickly despite missing his right foot.

In the final, though, Ian got the jump on Moore at the light to ride away the 2013 Baker Smoke-Down Showdown Daytona Beach Bike Week championship. Ultimately, all competitors were a winner as sponsor J&P Cycles provided fresh rubber for all contestants who participated. Can’t wait until the next showdown in Sturgis.

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