Kevin Schwantz Reportedly Booted from COTA

March 20, 2013
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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The ongoing saga between former motorcycle Grand Prix champion Kevin Schwantz and the new Circuit of the Americas (COTA) track in Austin, Texas, reportedly took an ugly turn last week. Schwantz has issued a statement that claims he was kicked out of the facility by COTA security and would be arrested for criminal trespassing if he

Kevin Schwantz
The feud between COTA and former GP champ Kevin Schwantz got even uglier last week when Schwantz claims he was kicked out of the track despite having the proper credentials and was threatened with criminal trespassing charges.

attempted to return to the track. Schwantz said that he had proper credentials as a guest of both the LCR Honda MotoGP team and was there additionally to coach AMA Pro Racing’s Blake Young. Last week both the Yamaha and Honda MotoGP teams were testing at the American circuit. Schwantz was instrumental in bringing MotoGP to the track but the relationship between him, COTA and MotoGP rights holder Dorna has soured, with lawsuits pending. Below is the statement by Kevin Schwantz provided by 3FourTexasMGP. – Bryan Harley

“I have read several reports regarding my attendance at the MotoGP test last week in Austin. I would like to make this statement:

“I had been in Switzerland over the weekend where I was the guest speaker at the St. Gallen University. I returned to Texas on Tuesday evening and on Thursday I was at CotA for the MotoGP test, with a proper credential supplied by the Attack team, to coach Blake Young. Additionally I was an invited guest of the LCR Honda team.

While there, CotA security informed me that CotA management requested I leave the track immediately and was not welcomed at the circuit. CotA’s security force also accused me of criminal trespass and warned I would be arrested the next time I entered the track.

This comes as a tremendous disappointment to Honda, Blake Young, and myself. Especially because I am single-handedly responsible for bringing MotoGP to Texas and for the initial design of the facility to accommodate MotoGP racing.”