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March 26, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Some submissions are still drawn by hand.
Local Motors is hosting the DP Customs design competition, where entrants submit their dream Harley Sportster. One lucky winner will see their design brought to life.

Local Motors is an open-source community of automotive designers, fabricators, engineers and enthusiasts that allows people to take part in the re-imagining of automotive design. The idea for Local Motors came from Jay Rogers and Jeff Jones, who won Harvard University’s Pitch for Change Competition with their business plan to create an online space for users to submit design ideas, participate in design competitions and offer critiques of ongoing projects that aim to “turn the automotive industry upside down.”

The competitions on Local Motors’ site have included partnerships with companies of all stripes, from Peterbilt to BMW. Entrants have submitted project designs for hybrid-electric drive and rear suspension systems for a B’TWIN Velomobile, door handles for the Edison2 Electric Vehicle, a Domino’s Pizza Ultimate Delivery Vehicle and many others.

The first Local Motors-built vehicle, a Rally Fighter designed primarily by Sangho Kim of California, was constructed around a BMW M57 clean diesel engine and premiered at the 2009 SEMA show. The interest generated by Local Motors’ unique design process has attracted nearly 30,000 users to-date.

Building on the past four years, Local Motors now ventures into the motorcycling realm with its DP Customs Motorcycle Design Challenge. Participants have been asked to design a concept based on the 2000-2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster for the Arizona-based customs shop. Ongoing community votes will determine the top-10 designs and the first-place winner will be chosen by DP Customs owners, Justin and Jarrod Del Prado. Entries can be submitted until March 31st, 2013 and the winner will be announced April 18th. The Del Prado brothers will then set to work building the machine, with a full film crew in tow to capture the generation of the concept to reality.

“From the beginning, Local Motors has been committed to driving a world of vehicle innovations,” said Local Motors CEO Jay Rogers. “Through our amazing partners, including Shell, Peterbilt, The BMW Group, Dominos Pizza and DARPA among others, and supported by the incredible talent of our global community, we’re excited to expand our design portfolio to include custom motorcycles. The Del Prado brothers share our passion for design innovation and are the perfect partner to take this next step.”

Entrants will be challenged to embody the DP Customs spirit while still thinking outside the box. Designs need to be focused on nearly every aspect of the Sportster, from the tank, fenders, handlebars and exhaust to paint work, graphics, upholstery and suspension. DP generally strips a Sportster to the frame and builds up from there, endeavoring to balance elegant simplicity with attention-grabbing design.

“We’re really excited to be working with Local Motors on this challenge,” said Jarrod Del Prado, co-owner of DP Custom Cycles. “We’ve been following Local Motors and its incredibly talented community for years, and we can’t wait to see what this amazing community will come up with.”

“We’re just two guys,” Justin Del Prado continues. “To have upwards of 30,000 people dive in to help us create our next signature bike, that’s pretty cool. We can’t wait to see how the world interprets our design style.”

On top of having the chance to see their winning design on the DP Customs showroom floor, the contest winner will receive $2000 dollars cash or $5000 toward the purchase of the bike. Second-place will be awarded $1350 cash of $3500 toward purchase on down to 10th-place, which will receive $100 or $250 toward purchase of the bike.

Go to Local Motors DP Customs (https://forge.localmotors.com/pages/competition.php?co=82) to get more information, to see current entrants and to join in the community of enthusiasts helping to choose the top-10.

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