Penton Film Production Starts on Special Day

March 5, 2013
Courtesy of Resmarket
John Penton
John Penton in the ISDT in Germany, 1969.

After a successful campaign to raise production funds through, the producer and director of the forthcoming film, “The John Penton Story” will be meeting with Penton experts on March 7 in Amherst, Ohio for a Penton Owners Group (POG) meeting.

Todd Huffman from Pipeline Digital Media is traveling to Amherst to meet with the Penton family, including John Penton himself, as well as Jack and many others who will be part of the interview process. Huffman will also tour the Amherst area to scout shooting locations for when he and his crew return to begin filming.

This date happens to fall on the 45th anniversary of the first 10 production Penton Motorcycles arriving from KTM in Austria on March 7, 1968. Remarkably, it was less than six months after John Penton met Eric Trunkenpolz at KTM to even discuss the idea in the fall of 1967. The day after their arrival in America, six of the exotic bikes were on their way to race the Stone Mountain Enduro in Georgia, and then the Alligator Enduro in Florida.

“It’s exciting to start this process and meet all the great people who know the stories that we want to include in the film,” said Todd Huffman, the film’s producer at Pipeline Digital Media. “This visit will be invaluable to helping us find people and archival materials such as photos and old film clips to use in the production. To do so on the 45th anniversary of Penton motorcycles arriving in the US is a little surreal. This trip will be the springboard for our shooting schedule, which we’re thrilled to start in just a few short weeks.”

Production is slated to start in early April, and expected to run through the summer and begin post-production in the fall for a spring 2014 release.

How You Can Get Involved
Huffman encourages anyone with old pictures or home movies of John Penton and his Team Penton riders (in the United States or in Europe) to please contact him at

The link for The John Penton Story on is:  

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