Sandlapper National Enduro Results 2013

March 4, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Factory FMF/KTM’s Charlie Mullins took his second win of the 2013 AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series after dominating all but one of the special tests in the Sandlapper National Enduro. Husaberg rider Michael Laverty finished almost a minute behind the KTM ace, while Shenandoah Honda’s Thad DuVall rounded out the top-three.

“I was definitely feeling confident today and my KTM 350 XC-F has been working perfectly so far this season,” said Mullins. “Unfortunately, I suffered two small crashes in the final test that kept me from earning a solid time in that section. After the crashes, I told myself to just relax and ride in safe so I could take home the win.”

Mullins took eighth in that final section, but thanks to his pace earlier in the competition he was more than able to lock in the win, ending with an accumulated time almost one minute faster than Laverty. The Husaberg rider tied Mullins for first in the opening test section and hit the course aboard a new FE350 rather than the 250 two-stroke he used in the past.
“I have been riding the four-stroke a bunch at home and in local enduros and I feel more comfortable on it for this season,” said Lafferty. “I have more confidence on the machine and I feel it is the bike to be on for the remainder of the enduros.”

Russell Bobbitt ended the day in fourth, followed by AirGroup Racing’s Nick Fahringer in fifth. KTM rider Grant Baylor finished in sixth followed by Husqvarna’s Andrew DeLong in seventh and Yamaha’s Brad Bakken in eighth.

Mullins’ perfect record through the opening rounds leaves him with a 19-point advantage over Lafferty, who is tied for second overall with Fahringer. Bobbit is 21 points adrift of Mullins in fourth, followed by DuVall, an additional seven points back, in fifth.

Sandlapper National Enduro Results 2013:
1. Charlie Mullins (KTM)
2. Michael Lafferty (Husaberg)
3. Thad DuVall (Honda)
4. Russell Bobbitt (Husaberg)
5. Nick Fahringer (Husaberg)
6. Grant Baylor (KTM)
7. Andrew DeLong (Husqvarna)
8. Brad Bakken (Yamaha)
9. Kyle McDonal (Husaberg)
10. Ian Blythe (KTM)
11. Tanner Thomas (KTM)
12. Zach Ingram (Yamaha)
13. Jedediah Haines (Yamaha)
14. Ryder Lafferty (Husaberg)
15. Richard Lafferty (Husaberg)

AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series Points 2013:
1. Charlie Mullins, 60
2. Michael Lafferty, 41
2. Nick Fahringer, 41
4. Russell Bobbitt, 39
5. Thad DuVall, 32
6. Brad Bakken, 31
7. Grant Baylor, 28
8. Andrew DeLong, 28
9. Ian Blythe, 20
10. Tanner Thomas, 18

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