SuperBike Daytona Race 1 Results 2013

March 15, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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The AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike series kicked-off the 2013 season at Daytona, and Monster Graves Yamaha’s Josh Herrin came through with the win. He was followed by Yoshimura Suzuki’s Martin Cardenas in second and Pegram Racing’s Larry Pegram in third.

Noticeably absent from the podium is 2012 AMA Pro SuperBike champion Josh Hayes, Herrin’s teammate, who ran into trouble early in the contest with mechanical issues. The Mississippi native was forced to pull off track after the opening laps, commenting that he’d simply pushed too hard at the outset and burnt out the clutch. Up to that point, Hayes maintained a comfortable lead, replicating many of the performances from 2012 in which he got to the front early and held there without much challenge. Jordan Suzuki’s Roger Hayden was in the lead pack early on as well, but crashed out of third-place in the initial laps.

Herrin was the only rider to keep pace with Hayes through the opening laps. Once Hayes retired, Herrin assumed the lead and began to slow slightly, allowing Cardenas to cut the multi-second gap to almost nothing in the space of a few laps. The two pushed each other ahead of the rest of the pack, with Herrin riding to the limit, his rear tire wobbling numerous times on corner entry and acceleration as he kept ahead of the Colombian rider. Cardenas got side-by-side with Herrin at one point, but the Yamaha ace quickly closed the door.

With Hayden and Hayes out, Herrin was slightly subdued about his victory.

“It just feels like it’s not a win because Josh was out Roger was out, Danny crashed. It kind of sucks when I think about it, but it’s still a win and the Monster Energy Graves Yamaha R1 was working good. They’ve been putting in a lot of hours to get it working better and I can’t thank them enough. It was fast enough to keep Martin behind me on the last lap. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow.”

“I got a very good start,” said Cardenas. “I pushed a little bit wide in the first corner and got fourth. I started pushing and pushing and I caught back to Josh mid-way through the race and my plan was to stay there and try to attack on the last lap. But this time the plan didn’t work for me, I kind of did the chicane a bit bad and he got me a little bit too much. Second place is good, it’s a good start to the season and we’ll try to do a good job tomorrow.”

Pegram made the podium for the first time in a number of years and was coming off a difficult day during practice on Thursday, following a crash in the chicane that left him a bit shaken.

“I knew today I needed to get a good start, but there wasn’t a lot of places to go in the first corner so I think I was fifth, and then Roger fell so I was fourth. I was clinging on to Martin and we were pretty even everywhere except in the chicane, I just cannot get myself to go through there with any speed.”

Jordan Suzuki’s Danny Eslick ended the day in fourth, recovering from an early ride off track into the grass after taking a corner too wide. Cardenas’ teammate, Chris Clark, finished fifth followed by Team Moto Venezuela’s Robertino Pietri in sixth. Team Hero’s Geoff May rode his EBR 1190RS to seventh, followed by’s David Anthony in eighth. KTM duo Taylor Knapp and Chris Fillmore took ninth and 10th respectively.

Herrin now sits as overall points leader and will have a fight to protect that lead during Race 2 when Hayes and Hayden return to competition.

AMA Pro SuperBike Daytona Race 1 Results 2013:
1. Josh Herrin (Yamaha)
2. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki)
3. Larry Pegram (Yamaha)
4. Danny Eslick (Suzuki)
5. Chris Clark (Suzuki)
6. Robertino Pietri (Kawasaki)
7. Geoff May (EBR)
8. David Anthony (Suzuki)
9. Taylor Knapp (KTM)
10. Chris Fillmore (KTM)
11. Aaron Yates (EBR)
12. Bernat Martinez (Suzuki)
13. Reese Wacker (Suzuki)
14. Chris Ulrich (Honda)
15. Trent Gibson (Suzuki)

AMA Pro SuperBike Championship Points 2013:
1. Josh Herrin, 31
2. Martin Cardenas, 25
3. Larry Pegram, 21
4. Danny Eslick, 18
5. Chris Clark, 16
6. Robertino Pietri, 15
7. Geoff May, 14
8. David Anthony, 13
9. Taylor Knapp, 12
10. Chris Fillmore, 11

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