Houston 250 Supercross Results 2013

April 6, 2013
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Rockstar Energy Suzuki’s Blake Wharton made good on his Supercross return to home soil, as the native Texan claimed victory in the 250 East main at Houston’s Reliant Stadium. Wharton took the checkers, but runner-up Wil Hahn exits Round 7 with an extended points lead – the GEICO Honda rider finishing one spot ahead of his nearest rival, KTM’s Marvin Musquin.

The gate dropped to some carnage, though the principle title threats emerged unscathed. Honda rider Zack Freeberg pulled the holeshot with Wharton and Musquin in tow. The latter duo soon vaulted up to the front, with Hahn moving into third.

Musquin and Wharton engaged in some brisk maneuvers for the front spot. The Suzuki rider was fired up, with some chippy passes and invigorating side-by-side action against Musquin. Wharton secured the lead in the early laps and held on as the two front-runners opened a slight gap on Hahn.


The French rider settled into a groove and started to press on Wharton’s advantage, but bobbled in the whoops. Riding too close to the side of the track, Musquin’s mistake ran the former World MX champ into the tough blocks.

Musquin’s mistake opened the door for Hahn, who settled into second and took a run on Wharton as well. But the points leader had a couple bobbles of his own, nearly endo-ing in the whoops and a close call on the finish line jump.

Lapped traffic made for a couple interesting moments for Wharton, but Hahn was never able to launch a final charge on the last lap. Musquin recovered from his mistake to claim third. But the bobble in the whoops proved costly, as he yields two points to Hahn – dropping eight back of the leader. For Wharton the home win also bolsters his dark horse title hopes, now 23 points down from Hahn with two races remaining.

Marvin Musquin couldnt capitalize at Houston  finishing third after running wide in the whoops and losing his battle for the lead with Wharton.
Marvin Musquin couldn’t capitalize at Houston, running wide in the whoops to finish third and drop eight points down.

2013 Houston 250 Supercross Results:
1. Blake Wharton (Suzuki)
2. Wil Hahn (Honda)
3. Marvin Musquin (KTM)
4. Tyler Bowers (Kawasaki)
5. Gavin Faith (Honda)
6. Cole Thompson (Honda)
7. P.J. Larsen (Yamaha)
8. Lance Vincent (KTM)
9. Daniel Herrelin (Honda)
10. Steven Clarke (KTM)
11. Levi Kilbarger (Honda)
12. Zack Williams (Honda)
13. VinceFriese (Honda)
14. Jackson Richardson (Honda)
15. Ryan Zimmer (Honda)
16. Brad Ripple (KTM)
17. AJ Catanzaro (Kawasaki)
18. Chad Crawford (Kawasaki)
19. Mitchell Oldenburg
20. Zack Freeberg

2013 250 Supercross East Points Standings:
1. Wil Hahn, 156
2. Marvin Musquin, 148
3. Blake Wharton, 133
4. Vince Friese, 89
5. Dean Wilson, 87
6. Gavin Faith, 82
7. Kyle Peters, 78
8. Cole Thompson, 72
9. Jeremy Martin, 71
10. Justin Hill, 68


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