Ivan Tedesco Joins 2013 RCU Instructor Lineup

April 11, 2013
Courtesy of Ricky Carmichael University
The Ricky Carmichael University welcomes Ivan Tedesco to the Instructor lineup.
The Ricky Carmichael University welcomes Ivan Tedesco to the Instructor lineup.

Ricky Carmichael University is proud to welcome former champion and teammate Ivan Tedesco to the 2013 Ricky Carmichael University faculty lineup. Tedesco will join the recently announced Grant Langston and returning instructors Jeff Emig, Jeff Stanton and Ricky Carmichael in teaching students at the RedBud Campus Wednesday, July 3, as a part of the Independence weekend celebration of moto at the famous motocross facility.

As a three-time champion, Tedesco’s addition to the RCU lineup now brings the championship total to 32 amongst this year’s faculty. Led by 15-Time champ, RC, the accomplished panel of instructors bring years of racing and training expertise to the lesson plan, while also providing classroom-based knowledge to students.

“The RCU setting is a great way to help riders of all levels who want to learn and improve their riding skills,” Tedesco said. “Ricky has assembled a great group of instructors and I am proud to be a part of the team and can’t wait to get back to Red Bud and work with the students.”

Tedesco will join RCU’s founding instructors Ricky Carmichael, Jeff Emig and Jeff Stanton, along with the school’s newest faculty member Grant Langston, as an on track instructor.

“Having all of our instructors in gear and riding with the students as part of the school experience really helps our students learn,” Carmichael says. “I think it’s great that we have this caliber of talent that can actively participate with the students and help them achieve their goals of becoming better riders and racers.”

Additionally, students will learn everything from proper body positioning, to utilizing organized drills focusing on flat turns, improved braking techniques and even personalized one-on-one training from the instructors. The students are also given the opportunity to ask questions of their instructors in an exclusive question and answer period as part of the school.

RCU is an exclusive and unprecedented opportunity for motocross riders from the Midwest to learn from The-Greatest-of-All-Time and his accomplished faculty. For more information on RCU RedBud, or to register for the event, please visit www.rickycarmichaeluniversity.com.

For more information on the rest of the motocross events being held at Red Bud over the 4th of July weekend, including the American Motocross pro race on Saturday check out www.redbudmx.com/

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