John Hensley’s “Chronicles of a Club Racer V”

April 10, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Check out the final installment of Chronicles of a Club Racer, “There’s no place like home,” as John Hensley finds his way back to the pure and simply joys of racing, with help from friends John Ethell of Jett Tuning and Jake Zemke.

There has been no shortage of honesty in John Hensley’s “Chronicles of a Club Racer.” The director/actor/writer/racer shared the emotional journey of his return to club racing through the first four episodes of the series, unabashedly highlighting the struggles, joys and surprises that came during his time back on track. Episode 5, “There’s no place like home” marks the end of his season. Though it’s sad to see the adage “all good things must come to an end” ring true once again, Hensley’s outlook is anything but melancholy. This final outing proves an affirmation of all that is right and good in racing, beyond consideration of who won or lost.

During his time at Fontana, Hensley experienced anguish over the life he’d temporarily put aside in order to race. The lapse in focus created real moments of fear and affected his ability to just enjoy the ride, removing an essential reason anyone gets on a bike at all. Luckily, Hensley has plenty of support in his paddock and one man in particular, John Ethell of Jett Tuning, proved to be more than simply an effective mechanic.

Ethell has detailed knowledge of Hensley’s racing chops, and knows when the racer is failing to perform to potential. He also knows performance comes from much more than a finely tuned machine, so responding to Hensley’s mental frustrations, he challenges the racer to find a way to return to his roots and have fun. Along with additional support from the likes professional AMA Road Racer, Jake Zemke, Hensley suits up in Las Vegas to try his luck on track one last time for the season.

What results is a return to basics and a return to joy. With a new riding season upon motorcyclists throughout the country and numerous race series getting underway, CCR Episode 5 “There’s no place like home” serves as inspiration to get out and ride, pure and simple.

Be sure to also check out Hensley’s website,, which has pictures, a blog and links to Twitter and Facebook so you can stay connected to his progress as a club racer. also accepts your stories about anything to do with two-wheels and may even post as a guest blog entry.


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