Local Motors Lists DP Customs Design Winners

April 26, 2013
Courtesy of Local Motors
Local Motors announces the winners of the first-ever Custom Motorcycle Design Challenge, sponsored by New River, Arizona-based DP Custom Cycles. Hosted from March 5 thru March 30, 2013 on the Forge at LocalMotors.com, the challenge invited the global Local Motors community to design a one-of-a-kind custom motorcycle based on a Harley-Davidson Sportster. The winning concept, the DP Racer by Andre Costa of Portugal, was hand-selected by the founders and co-owners of DP Custom Cycles, Justin & Jarrod Del Prado, after an intense design review.

DP Racer
The DP Racer by Andre Costa of Portugal was the winning design of the Local Motors/DP Customs Motorcycle Design Challenge. The winning design, based on a Harley Sportster, will be ‘brought to life’ by DP Custom Cycles by virtue of the victory.

More than 2400 files were uploaded to the Forge in support of nearly 200 submissions. In the end, Andre’s design was selected from 150 validated entries because of its overall “beautiful design, clean, classic lines, and the truly amazing air intake that Jarrod and I really wish we’d thought of,” says DP Custom Cycles co-owner Justin Del Prado. “We can’t wait to bring this bike to life.”

“I really wanted to create something simple, something iconic, with a strong racing personality,” said Andre Costa. “I’m a huge Formula One fan, and this design celebrates the Brabham BT44 Formula One racing car of the 1970s. The handlebars are lower, to make the gas tank really pop, and the air filter is tall and thin in honor of the styling of the roof scoop. These are just two of my favorite design elements.”

“I’m so proud of the Local Motors community,” said Jay Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of Local Motors. “Their extraordinary talent and passion for vehicle design never ceases to amaze me. And I’m excited for the Del Prado brothers, too, as they get ready to bring this incredible bike to reality for Local Motors and custom bike aficionados around the world.”

First place, and a $2000 cash prize, will be awarded to Andre Costa (aka Lude) from Portugal, for his winning design, the DP Racer. Second and third place prizes of $1350 and $950, respectively, will be awarded to Oberdan Bezz (aka OBIBOI) of Italy for his stock car-inspired Talladega concept, and to Marc Senger (aka sixten), from the United States, for his 1960s NASA-themed concept, the DP Customs Lander. Fourth through tenth place finalists will each receive a $100 cash prize.

Note: All winners will have the opportunity to exchange their cash awards for credit towards the purchase of the winning design from Local Motors new online Shop. Credit amounts are $5000, $3500, $2500, $350 for first, second, third and fourth thru tenth places, respectively. The Shop will launch on Monday, April 29th.

The complete list of Finalists, including countries of origin, is as follows:

1st place: DP Racer by Andre Costa (Lude), Portugal
2nd place: Talladega by Oberdan Bezzi (OBIBOI), Italy
3rd place: DP Customs Lander by Marc Senger (sixten), USA
4th place: Cobra DP by Paulo Italiani (PauloItaliani), Brazil
5th place: Stealth Concept by Vincent, Graviere (dirtybrush), France
6th place: DP 40 by Robert O’Brien (robo), Canada
7th place: DPC OTTO by Vincent Montreuil (Vincent), England
8th place: GT40 DP Customs by Stoianov Sebastian Mihai (stoianov), Romania
9th place: F40 by Paolo Corcagnani (sidewinder), Germany
10th place: DPC Invader by Bhushan Deshmukh (bhushan), India

“We were incredibly excited, from the very beginning of this challenge, to see what the Local Motors community would dream up,” Del Prado continues. “We really had no idea, however, just how blown away we’d be by the caliber of these designs. If we could, we’d produce every one of the top ten!”

A Collectors Edition
“There is something inherently special about the number ‘one.’ About being the “first” to do or to own something,” Rogers continues. “This is especially the case within the collectors’ community. Now that the winning concept has been selected, I am excited to extend our online auction through April 26th.”

“This was an exciting challenge on so many levels,” Rogers concludes. “Motorcycle design is something we had not done before at Local Motors, yet the response from our community was incredible. It really reinforced, for me, how universal design can be, and I honestly can’t wait to see this amazing design roll onto the stage at the July 13 unveiling at the Local Motors micro-factory.”

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