Quad Adventure Copper Canyon Mexico

April 22, 2013
Story and photos by Mike Calabro
Why would a guy climb a peak while wearing a helmet  I dont know  but it looks cool.
The Starchild and Chupacabra are two alien humanoid’s allegedly spotted in Copper Canyon. Now add “the guy who climbed a peak in a helmet,” to the list of strange sightings.

Just over 70 years ago in a primitive area near Copper Canyon, Mexico, a young girl wandered into a tunnel. She discovered a distorted skeleton of a smaller being. The skull is now in the hands of scientists who believe it to be a “Starchild,” or a human-alien hybrid. The Starchild skull is estimated to be about 900 years old. It is unlike any other human-like skull ever seen before.

The Chupacabra is another alien humanoid that has been spotted in the area roaming Copper Canyon. Allegedly first seen in Puerto Rico, the adventure-seeking creature moved into Mexico. The name, which translates literally from Spanish as “goat-sucker,” comes from its habit of attacking and sucking the blood of livestock.

I saw E.T. five times. Therefore, I am a professional of all alien studies. My theory is that most aliens are smart and adventurous, so they know all the good spots for fun vacations. Every five thousand years or so, an alien family has a bit too much “fun” and leaves little Fido behind to fend on earth for themselves – hence the Starchild and Chupacabra. I left a pair of sunglasses while on vacation once, but never a loved one. Stupid aliens.

One person who I promised not to leave behind on my trip to Copper Canyon was Brian McCulloch. Brian, an associate editor in the ATV print industry who acts as my assistant during trips, has never been to Mexico. He shrieked like a happy little schoolgirl when I asked him if he wanted to go to Chihuahua, Mexico with me to ride quads for a week.

It began by contacting Pete Shepard through his website, www.atvmexico.com. Since 1997, ATV Mexico has provided all-inclusive quad tours to the majestic Copper Canyon in old Mexico.

Where is Waldo  The quad looks small  but this place was vast.
Where is Waldo? The quad looks small from this vantage because this place was vast.

One cannot begin to describe the magnificence of Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon). Copper Canyon is located in the middle of the legendary Sierra Madre Mountains of the northwestern Mexico state of Chihuahua, an area four times bigger than the Grand Canyon that covers over 25,000 square miles of rugged territory. It’s actually made up of six connected gorges, so isolated there are villages where gringos have barely set foot, much less ride quads.

It would be nearly impossible to do a trip of this scope without a guide. You just can’t go into Mexico with a truckload of quads – the law only allows one per trailer. Pete has a license to bring multiple quads into the county if you want to bring your own rig.

The thrill of the guided tour rides goes without saying. For five days, we descended into and out of four of the five major canyons in the area. Riding on the edge of 1000-foot plus cliffs is a rush that just can’t be matched. As I found out, though, when you’re out there in wide-open Mexico, the riding is only part of the adventure.

There’s the occasional stream crossing, and you have to be on a constant lookout for logging trucks and the occasional burro or cow. We went through deserts with large stovepipe cacti, semi-arid plains and even sub-tropical rainforests. The only views that were happily missing on our five-day trip were the towering skyscrapers and strip malls from back home.

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