Rad Dad National Enduro Results 2013

April 29, 2013

By Byron Wilson

FMF/KTM’s Charlie Mullins notched his fourth Rekluse AMA National Enduro win of the season in Westpoint, Tennessee, at the Rad Dad National Enduro. The KTM ace bested Husaberg teammates Nick Fahringer and Russell Bobbitt, who finished second and third respectively, with a commanding performance in the soggy conditions.

Multiple days of rain leading up to competition left the Tennessee backwoods slick and muddy, but Mullins was unfazed, riding hard from the start and winning the first test section. He gained an 18-second advantage in Test 1, which was enough to keep him leading through the subsequent three sections, where he finished second-fastest. Fahringer won Test 2 and 3 and Bobbit came through fastest in Test 4, but Mullins charged back to the front in the final two sections, finishing the day over a minute ahead of Fahringer.

“It was a pretty muddy course today because of the rain but the course actually became pretty fun near the end when it began to dry up,” said Mullins.

“The course was definitely challenging but quite fun,” added Fahringer. “The first section was very slick and I struggled a bit. My bike worked really well considering the conditions and I felt really strong in the final tests. I am really looking forward to the next round and hoping to get on the top step of the podium.”

Husqvarna’s Andrew DeLong took fourth, missing the podium by a slight margin thanks to difficulties with the course mid-race. Husaberg’s Michael Lafferty finished in fifth, followed by KTM’s Grant Baylor in sixth and Yamaha’s Jesse Groemm in seventh.

With half the season gone, Mullins leads the series by 20 points over Bobbit. Fahringer is an additional two points back in third and Lafferty sits fourth, 40 points off the lead. The sixth round of 2013 National Enduro action is scheduled for June 9 in Marquette, Michigan.

Rad Dad National Enduro podium with Charlie Mullins  center  in first  Nick Fahringer  left  in second and Russell Bobbitt  right  in third.
Rad Dad National Enduro podium with Charlie Mullins (center) in first, Nick Fahringer (left) in second and Russell Bobbitt (right) in third.

Rad Dad National Enduro Results 2013:
1. Charlie Mullins (KTM)
2. Nick Fahringer (Husaberg)
3. Russell Bobbitt (Husaberg)
4. Andrew DeLong (Husqvarna)
5. Michael Lafferty (Husaberg)
6. Grant Baylor (KTM)
7. Jesse Groemm (Yamaha)
8. Brad Bakken (Yamaha)
9. Ian Blythe (KTM)
10. Jordan Ashburn (Yamaha)
11. Nick Davis (Husqvarna)
12. Ricky Russell (Yamaha)
13. Ryan Belue (Yamaha)
14. Geoff Braico (Husaberg)
15. Craig DeLong (Husqvarna)

National Enduro Series Points 2013:
1. Charlie Mullins, 130
2. Russell Bobbitt, 110
3. Nick Fahringer, 108
4. Michael Lafferty, 90
5. Andrew DeLong, 89
6. Grant Baylor, 74
7. Brad Bakken, 67
8. Ian Blythe, 62
9. Jesse Groemm, 59
10. Kyle McDonal, 36

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