2013 250 2-Stroke Enduro Shootout Conclusion

MotorcycleUSA Staff | May 6, 2013

Justin Dawes – Vet, 5’10”, 220 Pounds

If I had to pick one of these bikes to put in my garage, I would sign on the dotted line for the Husaberg. Yes, it’s the most expensive and the tallest, but it just did everything a hair better than the competition. If I couldn’t find a Berg I would also take the Beta or KTM and not complain. With a little tuning and tweaking each of the bikes would probably end up dead even. So truly the deciding factor is how bad-ass the TE 250 looks. The blue wheels and plastic along with the sharp lines make for the finest off-road bike I’ve ever laid eyes on. Sorry, Beta, your Italian hotness has been replaced by a Austrian beauty with a Swedish passport.

Frankie Garcia – Intermediate, 5’8”, 185 Pounds

The competition was so close on this one that I really had to think hard about it, but I would choose the Husaberg if I were to purchase one of the three. It’s just a little better in most areas than the other two bikes. The bike looks the best and handles awesome. It’s also different and more unique than even the Beta at this point. Although some specialized parts might be hard to find, for the essentials getting parts is as easy as heading down to your local KTM shop.

Brian Steeves – Expert, 5’9”, 165 Pounds

It was a hair splitting comparison with each bike having unique attributes on the varying terrain. This one will come down to your riding style, and for me that was the Beta. The suspension was super planted in just about every situation and I just felt comfortable on it. I think a change of gearing is all it really needs for me to be happy with it. I’m not the tallest dude, so when the trail got tough and I need to dab a foot it was easier on the Beta than the other two super-tall bikes. If we had ridden more in the desert or wide open spaces my choice might have been different, but for now I sticking with the sexy Italian machine.

MotorcycleUSA Staff