Alpinestars SP-X Leather Gloves Review

May 7, 2013
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Street and sport riders seeking a comfortable and protective short cuff motorcycle glove will love the latest version of Alpinestars SP-X Leather Gloves ($99.95). Available in four colors, this piece of riding kit integrates a number of functional safety features into a pleasing aesthetic design.

The main compartment of the glove is fabricated from goat leather that feels soft and supple and similar to Kangaroo leather. It’s reinforced with an extra strip of suede-like material in the thumb and along the exterior from the pinky to wrist crease. This gives better wear durability against the constant throttle twisting motion and boosts abrasion resistance in the event of a crash. Pieces of carbon fiber are used liberally in the top and middle knuckle areas as well as the bottom of the palm, providing an elevated degree of impact protection.

The SP-X glove incorporates a finger bridge to prevent hyperextension and/or finger split just like on its more expensive track-grade GP Tech and GP Pro gloves. Other nice touches include silicone printing on the fore and middle finger for enhanced grip against the handlebar and a thickly foam padded wrist closure.

Slip your hand into the glove and you’re greeted with an authentic true-to-size fit contrary to some of other models offered in the Astars catalog. Break-in time is immediate and our size mediums followed the contour of our palm and thumb precisely, though there was just a hair bit of extra length in the fingers. This elevates motorcycle feel while stimulatingly reducing the propensity for blisters – a big plus for those with more delicate hands. The mesh material atop the wrist gave it added elasticity when securing the Velcro closure and will be appreciated by folks with thicker wrists. Only problem is there is a gap in material that exposes a small patch of skin.

Hand articulation was at a high level and the palm and inside finger areas had plenty of traction against a variety of standard street and sportbike hand grips. The gloves offer a plenty of ventilation, making them choice for use in mild climates but no so well suited for chilly early morning rides.

Alpinestars SP-X Gloves Highs & Lows
  • Precise palm and thumb fit
  • Lightweight
  • Great ventilation
  • Fingers are overly long
  • Material gap at wrist closure exposes skin

Weight-wise the SP-X’s are less than half the weight of the GP Pro model (3.1 ounces vs. 6.4) making them ideal when packing light for a flyaway riding adventure. Visually the gloves offer a sporty look but aren’t overly aggressive and still look appropriate on even a cruiser. Considering the above average fit sharp appearance and feature rich design, we recommend the SP-X glove to any rider seeking a quality short cuff glove.

The Alpinestars SP-X Leather Gloves are available at in four colors (Black; Orange/White/Black; White/Black; White/Black/Red) in sizes S-XXXL.

MSRP: $99.95


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