IOM Superbike TT Postponed to Sunday

May 31, 2013
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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The Isle of Man TT racing program will see Saturday’s planned Superbike TT postponed to Sunday. The Clerk of the Course, Gary Thompson, made the decision, citing a lack of practice and qualifying time for the TT racers.

The revised Saturday program will continue with the planned Sidecar TT, but will now feature multiple qualifying sessions for Superbike, Superstock and Supersport. The Superbike TT will now be run on Sunday, at 2:15 p.m. Manx time.

Poor weather spoiled qualifying sessions on Monday and Wednesday. Friday saw better conditions, but the TT racing program was still interrupted by a house fire – causing the course to be shut down as emergency crews responded to the blaze.

The fire shut down Sidecar qualifying, with Dave Molyneux and Patrick Farrance atop the timing.

After the red flag came out for the fire, Superbike practice commenced. Michael Dunlop was the fastest rider on the course at a 128.52 mph lap, as the most of the TT regulars, like Cameron Donald and John McGuinness, lapped in the 123 mph range. In earlier practice sessions, the Superbike competitors were pressing the 130 mph lap mark.


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