KTM Announces 2014 Dirt Bike Line Up

May 24, 2013

By Byron Wilson

2014 KTM 250 SX.
The 2014 KTM 250 SX two-stroke gets a new cylinder head and a revamped clutch master cylinder. 

KTM announced its 2014 off-road model range with some notable upgrades. Some of the most comprehensive changes come in the Enduro lineup, which includes both two-stroke and four-stroke offerings.

Among the two-strokes, the 200 XC-W receives a stronger electric starter, bumped from 370W to 480W and also comes with a stronger battery, up from 3 Ah to 4 Ah. Enduro (XC-W), Motocross (SX) and Cross Country (XC) two-strokes will be equipped with a new intake reed cage that features high-performance Boyseen reeds. The 250 XC-W and 250 SX get a new cylinder head claimed to offer more effective combustion and better response. The two 250 models also sport a revamped clutch master cylinder that’s been sand-blasted and given a black cover.

The four-stroke Enduro models have been given plenty of attention as well. Each comes with a lighter frame and swingarm and the triple clamp has been lowered to accommodate a new front fender. The body work on all models has been redesigned and each comes with updated foam in the seats. Brembo brakes continue to handle braking, but have been fitted with a new master cylinder and reservoir as well as a new lever. Rounding off changes to the stopping system on four-stroke Enduro models are smaller diameter pistons and new brake pads, all which KTM claims will increase braking power and performance.

The belle of the ball is the 250 XCF-W, which received a redesigned DOHC engine that is based on the popular 350 XCF-W. Flow optimized ports and larger intake valves contribute to an estimated 10% flow rate increase and new camshaft design is claimed to increase power and torque. The 250 XCF-W has been bored out from 76mm to 78mm and was given a 2.7mm shorter stroke than the previous model year as well as a larger, lighter piston. The crankcase was redesigned and is now pressure die-cast, rather than gravity die-cast, and constructed of new aluminum alloy to increase durability. The 250 has also been equipped with an updated crankshaft that is claimed to be sturdier and require less maintenance, with KTM extending the service interval from 105 to 135 hours.

The 350 XCF-W gets a new three-layer head gasket, new inner clutch cover, piston oil jet and water pump cover. The 450 and 500 XC-W’s get new piston rings, lighter cam shafts and strengthened cylinder head gaskets.

Motocross (SX) and Cross Country (XC) bikes also get new treatments for 2014. The XC’s come with all new 48mm 4CS Closed Cartridge fork that features a 4-Chamber System with a hand click adjuster on top. It comes with improved seals and high performance fork oil. SX suspension comes with revised fork settings and higher reserves against bottoming out.

The 250 SX-F gets a new five-speed gearbox, down from the previous year’s six-speed design, and a new clutch master cylinder. 450 SX-F and XC-F models come with lightened camshafts, three-layer head gaskets, new clutch master cylinders and new final drive gearing, now 13:50 (2013 gearing was 14:52). All SX models get a new 1.98 fuel tank with reworked thread and a new filler cap while XC models come with the quarter-turn cap of old but are equipped with an improved opening mechanism promised to make refueling during a race easier.

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