Martinez Moves to Top of Women’s GNCC

May 6, 2013
Courtesy of Geiger Media
Kacy Martinez trails Maria Forsberg by just two points after four rounds.
Kacy Martinez won a muddy, difficult GNCC race in Kentucky and moved to the top of the Women’s points list.

The rains that set in over the Southeast during the weekend didn’t seem to bother Bell Helmet rider Kacy Martinez as she was able to work her way through the sloppy Mammoth GNCC course Sunday to pick up her first victory of the season and assume the women’s class points lead.

“For sure it was a very, very tough race,” Martinez said. “I haven’t been in a mudder for a long time. I somehow finished three laps out there. It was crazy how muddy it was but I’m happy to get the win.”

Martinez said the rain was relentless, making it difficult for everyone.

“It rained all day yesterday and pretty much all night,” Martinez said. “This morning it rained off and on before quitting for a while, so we were hoping it was done. Then right before we got to the starting line, it started up again and rained off and on pretty much the entire race.”

Martinez finished her three laps in two hours, five minutes, 17 seconds aboard her KTM. Becca Sheets was a distant second in 2:10:43.

“There’s not much you can do to prepare for conditions like this,” Martinez said. “My bike is so destroyed. I’ll be digging mud out for days. I knew it was going to be this way, so I was ready as I can be.”

Despite the soaking precipitation, Martinez said there were actually a few spots on the course that were pretty fun to ride.

“Down in the grass track through the pits and around the motor homes was the worst,” she said. “Once you got on the trails in the woods it wasn’t as bad as it was out along the flats. The pros were making good lines through the trees, which made it easier to race through.

“Still, there were people off their bikes all around the track. It was hard to determine where to run on the track and which were the right lines to ride.”

With the victory and a fifth-place finish from fellow Bell Helmet rider Maria Forsberg, Martinez assumed the class points lead. Martinez had finished second in the previous four races this season.

“I’m stoked, I’m so happy,” Martinez said. “This track was so muddy I still can’t believe how well I rode. Taking the points lead is a bonus.”

Up next on the GNCC trail is the Dunlop Limestone 100, May 18-19, from Lawrence County Recreational Park in Springville, Ind.

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