MotoCzysz Announces 2013 Rider Line-Up

May 3, 2013
Courtesy of MotoCzysz
MotoCzysz podium
MotoCzysz will fight for more top-steps in 2013 with four accomplished electric GP racers, including Mark Miller, Steve Rapp, Shane Turpin and Michael Rutter (above).

MotoCzysz returns in 2013 with an all-star, 4 rider line-up along with a bold new MotoCzysz 013 e1pc electric Grand Prix motorcycle. “One of the best parts about racing is sharing victorious moments with family, friends and team members. Center to the team is the rider, and when they are also your friend, it is even more special. I am very lucky to be racing with such accomplished friends.” says Michael Czysz.

2013 could be as important of a year for electrics at the TT as 2012 was, when the 100 mph lap was achieved. MotoCzysz has set a very lofty goal in 2013, to complete a lap (from a standing start) in under 20:34.8 (110mph avg) and besting more than 50% of the gas powered super twins on race day.

Rutter- MotoCzysz 2x winner IOM
Michael Rutter was the first electric GP racer to set a 100mph lap (average speed) at the Isle of Man. Rutter won on the MotoCzysz in both 2011 & 2012 and will be looking not only to three-peat in 2013 but also to set another new lap record, in excess of 110mph. “With two wins under my belt, I’d like to go for the hat-trick this year and with Team MotoCzysz providing the equipment, I think we can get it done,” said an enthusiastic Rutter.

Miller- MotoCzysz winner IOM
Mark Miller delivered not only the first win for MotoCzysz but also the historic, “first official TT win for an electric bike” (2010). In 2011 Miller executed one of the most spectacular laps ever seen at the IOM by drafting Rutter (often by less than a foot) for nearly 37 miles. Last year Miller also broke the 100mph lap and is eager to return back to the top step. “The team and I have shared many memorable moments over the years and I look forward to being surrounded by my extended family again at the Isle of Man TT and to ride the latest permutation of their mind-blowing e1pc,” said Miller.

Turpin- MotoCzysz TTXGP winner
Shane Turpin dominated the entire TTXGP field in 2011 on the way to his MotoCzysz win at Miller Motorsports Park. Turpin has a long history with MotoCzysz as the only racer (besides Michael Czysz) to ride both the original C1 (internal combustion) and the E1pc (electric). Turpin will look for a win at Laguna Seca. “I’ve raced everything from Singles to Superbikes, but nothing as special as the MotoCzysz e1pc,” stated Turpin. “The Czysz group is truly leading the world in electric-bike technology and that has been proven in race results and in lap times that are rivaling conventional bikes. Anyone skeptical of electric-bike technology needs to see this thing run!”

Rapp- FIM/TTXGP winner
New to the MotoCzysz roster for 2013 is the only rider to ever beat MotoCzysz in head to head competition. Steve Rapp won and set a lap record at the 2011 FIM/TTXGP RedBull USGP that no other team could best last year. The goal for 2013 will be to set a new FIM/TTXGP lap record and be within 6 seconds of the slowest MotoGP time. “I’m very excited to get the chance to ride for Michael and the entire MotoCzysz team, and also to ride their latest creation,” said an eager Rapp. “Ever since I first met Michael, he has always pushed limits and set new boundaries in the motorcycle industry. I think we will make a great team!”

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