Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month Promoted

May 31, 2013
Courtesy of Motorcycle Industry Council
Motorcycle Industry Council

Congressional Motorcycle Caucus Co-Chair, Representative Michael Burgess (R-TX) used his weekly address to highlight the importance of motorcycle safety and May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The video address can be viewed on Representative Burgess’ website here.

In the video Burgess says, “There are a lot of bikers out there who enjoy riding along the open road in a place as beautiful as Texas. And with warmer weather heading our way, more people across America will start using their motorcycles to get to work, to go to the store, to travel, or to just go for a ride.”

Burgess focused on the increasing number of highway users choosing two wheels over four, saying, “Riding in America has been an increasingly popular pastime. In Texas last year, motorcycle registration increased by over 10 percent.”

He also highlighted the need for all road users to take an active role in motorcycle safety. “As the old saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. For bikers, prevention is riding the right way – and that is responsibly. That means getting trained, wearing protective gear and being aware of the cars and trucks around you.”

Burgess admonished drivers of cars and trucks to avoid distractions while driving and said, “If everyone does their part, we can ensure that everyone makes it home safely.”

Finally, Burgess pointed out the benefits of motorcycling saying, “In addition to the thrill of riding, motorcycle usage also contributes to the general good of our society; motorcyclists ease congestion, reduce overall fuel consumption and decrease wear and tear on our nation’s infrastructure every time they choose to forego an automobile. Since we all want safer roads, shorter commutes, and less dependence on foreign oil, and to make transportation dollars go a little further, let’s promote motorcycle usage but safety year-round.”

The Motorcycle Industry Council’s (MIC) Director of Federal Affairs, Duane Taylor noted, “Congressman Burgess is a long-time friend of motorcycle riders and the motorcycle industry. His admonition to all road users to take responsibility for motorcycle safety is timely and greatly appreciated, and all riders owe him a debt of gratitude for highlighting many of the benefits of two-wheel transportation.”

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