Zero Introduces 2013 MMX Military Motorcycle

May 7, 2013

By Byron Wilson

Zero MMX Military
Zero dash
The 2013 Zero MMX military motorcycle was specially designed for use in U.S. Special Operation Forces.

Zero Motorcycles has been delivering bikes designed for security and law enforcement agencies since the launch of the DS Police motorcycle in 2012 and are now broadening its customer base with the new 2013 Zero MMX military motorcycle. Working to meet the strict standards of the U.S. military, Zero has provided an undisclosed number of the MMX bikes for operational testing and is primarily focused on providing machines to U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF).

The relatively quiet motor and negligible heat signature make electric motorcycles an attractive option for U.S. SOF. Additional features have been added so the Zero MMX can be as versatile and easy-to-use as possible in a variety of combat situations. Zero engineers added a military dash that centralizes all mainline controls and developed a keyless ignition that’s engaged with a toggle on the dash. The headlight can be switched off for nighttime stealth operations and the MMX is claimed to operate when submerged in water up to one meter.

The MMX battery power packs are modular, lockable and can be changed in less than a minute. The quick-charge CHAdeMO accessory system reduces charging times to close to an hour. There’s also safety override and reserve power capabilities to increase the MMX’s range, should an unexpected extended ride become necessary.

The Zero MMX military motorcycle makes use of Zero’s Z-Force motor which puts out a claimed 54 horsepower and 68 lb-ft torque. During throttle roll-offs, riders can utilize a regenerative braking system that helps regulate speed while increasing potential ride time. Many of the performance attributes can be adjusted via the Zero Motorcycles app as well, utilizing Bluetooth with compatible smart phones.

Abe Askenaki, Chief Technology Officer for Zero Motorcycles offered these remarks in recently released company PR: “It was a very rewarding experience for the Zero team to go through such an exacting development process. The military needed a very specific set of core features on the MMX, and we were incredibly thankful to work side-by-side with them to deliver such a unique product. The great news for our civilian customers is that we made the decision to incorporate into our 2013 MX, FX and XU retail motorcycles virtually all of the powertrain enhancements associated with satisfying this project’s stringent military requirements. Our 2013 product is truly ‘military grade’!”