Calling All Huskys to Vintage Motorcycle Days

June 28, 2013
Courtesy of ResMarket
Expect a gaggle of Husqvarna motorcycles and fans at Vintage Motorcycle Days!
Expect a gaggle of Husqvarna motorcycles and fans at Vintage Motorcycle Days!

Husqvarna owners, riders and racers are encouraged to bring their motorcycles to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, on July 19-21, to participate in the what is shaping up to be the largest gathering of Husky fans and bikes in the country. This years’s event will showcase the champions and riders of Husqvarna, and as part of that, the AMA will be putting Husky owners front and center at the country’s premier celebration of vintage motorcycles and motorcycling heritage.

“Husqvarna has a grand tradition in the U.S. from helping jumpstart AMA Motocross in this country to the brand’s success in off-road racing, but none of that would have been possible without the champions and riders of Husqvarna,” said Grant Parsons, the AMA’s director of Communications and Marketing. “This year’s AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days celebrates those riders in a number of ways. We hope to see plenty of Husqvarnas-and their riders-at the event.”

At the Husky tent on the infield, there will be a special parking area reserved for Huskys, and every participant who parks their motorcycle there – any year, any model and in any condition – will receive a special gift from Husqvarna.

Those who show up with a particularly notable Husky may be chosen by a Husqvarna legend to park inside the official Husqvarna Tent – perhaps even a legend like Grand Marshall Dick Burleson, who from 1974 to 1981, won eight consecutive AMA Grand National Enduro Championships during his remarkable career, earning the nickname “King Richard.”

Racers competing on their Husky race bikes will be in the running to receive special gifts for the highest-placed Husqvarna in every National Championship class.

HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE: Let the event planners know what Husqvarna bike or bikes (the more the merrier!) you’ll be bringing to VMD, so they can be sure to have a place reserved. Participation is free, but participants should sign-up online in advance at:

Register your Husky today and spread the good word. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!