Edelweiss Launches 8-Stage Global Tour

June 11, 2013
Courtesy of Edelweiss Bike Travel
Discover our earth during the eight-stage  17 day  3 100 mile motorcycle tour.
Discover our earth during the eight-stage, 17 day, 3,100 mile motorcycle tour.

This motorcycle expedition meanders through six continents in one go and gives all participants the opportunity to discover our planet step by step. In spite of this being a gigantic undertaking it is a dream that is the ultimate for every motorcycle touring enthusiast. The whole tour is split in 8 sections. The first section will be in Europe and start on July 13, 2014. 

After receiving our motorcycles at Munich Airport, we head south to visit the Edelweiss Office in the Alps. Passing the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle, we travel great motorcycle roads to Mieming/Tyrol, where we will spend two rest days and visit with the Edelweiss team.

There will, of course, be daily riding options during this stay. Resuming our tour, we head north to Prague, one of the nicest cities in all of Europe. Continuing our trek, we return to Germany, visiting Dresden and Berlin – just two of the great locations along our route. Next up – the New Europe! Poland, with its nice beaches and its capital city of Warsaw, awaits us.

Further east the three Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) are on our program before we reach Russia and the historic city of St. Petersburg. It is a great feeling to sit on a motorcycle and cross borders nearly every day – not to mention these borders are in Eastern Europe. Just imagine how it was 20 years ago – no one was thinking about travelling through these countries. A couple of days later we complete our world tour’s Europe Section in the Russian capital, Moscow – what a great place!

> The Alps – one of the best places on earth to ride motorcycles.
> Discover the extensive historic center of Prague, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
> Dresden, the Venice of Germany; and the perfect motorcycle roads of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.
>Saint Petersburg (Leningrad), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the world’s largest art museum – the Hermitage!
Tour date 2014
July 13 – August 12
Tour Start/ Tour End
Munich / Moscow
Tour Prices
Prices start at US$ 12.000
Germany | Austria | Czech Republic | Poland| Lithuania | Latvia | Estonia | Russia
Total distance 3,100 miles.
31 days expedition including 17 riding days, 8 rest days with riding possibilities, 2 days in Munich and 2 days in Moscow

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