High Point 450 Motocross Results 2013

June 8, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Riders in the 450 class of the 2013 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship faced a difficult track at High Point following two days of rain. The half-dried course was peppered with deep ruts within the opening laps and riders struggled throughout Moto 1 to find lines that would give them an edge. Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto was unfazed by the conditions though, and after gaining the early lead ran a sizable gap on the field to take the moto win. Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey maintained a quick pace throughout in pursuit of RV but couldn’t cut the gap and finished second. Team Honda Muscle Milk’s Justin Barcia rounded out the podium.

Barcia got a good jump off the start to claim the Motorcycle-Superstore Holeshot, but Villopoto was close behind and within the opening turns made the pass for the front. Bam Bam attempted to keep RV in his sights, but by the end of the first lap the Kawasaki ace had a multi-second gap that only grew as the contest progressed. Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray slotted into the number three spot and held there for nearly 10 minutes, keeping ahead of Troy Lee Designs’ Malcolm Stewart in fourth. Dungey was fifth early on and moved into fourth when Stewart lost control of his bike exiting a turn, causing him to go down briefly and slide outside the top-10. The KTM ace made short work of catching Rattray, finding a smooth outside line to move into podium position.

Barica, meanwhile, had lost sight of RV but was well over five seconds ahead of Dungey. RD only needed a few laps to cut the gap though, and once he caught Barcia he waited until they reached the same piece of track that allowed him past Rattray to make the move into second-place. Once in the runner-up spot, Dungey was uncatchable, as was RV in the lead. Barica managed to hold on to third-place despite a small incident when he came off the bike for a moment when it got caught in a deep rut.

The 450 class is off at High Point.
Justin Barcia (51) took the Motorcycle Superstore Holeshot in Moto 1 at High Point, giving him seven points toward the end-of-season bonus of $25,000.
Josh Grant scored his first two Motorcycle Superstore Holeshot award points of 2013 at High Point after coming across the white line first in Moto 2.
Josh Grant earned his first Motorcycle Superstore Holeshot points of 2013 in Moto 2 at High Point.

Rattray held to fourth-place to the checkers and was followed by JGRMX’s Josh Grant in fifth. Rockstar Energy Racing’s Ryan Sipes lost fifth-place to Grant late in the race and ended the day in sixth while Barcia’s teammate, Trey Canard, scored seventh. Villopoto’s teammate, Jake Weimer, grabbed eight-place and was followed by N-Fab’s Phil Nicoletti in ninth. Nicoletti put in one of his best runs of the year in Moto 1 at High Point, fending off pressure from Motoconcepts’ Mike Alessi, who finished 10th, as well as RCH Racing’s Broc Tickle, who ended the day in 11th.

Villopoto maintained his intensity though Moto 2, taking the win and making it a perfect weekend at High Point. Dungey scored second-place followed by Alessi in third.

Grant ran out front early, grabbing his first Motorcycle-Superstore Holeshot of the year and was in prime form through the opening laps as pressure from Stewart, Dungey and Villopoto mounted. Stewart was first to push past Grant for the lead, getting the front before the end of the first lap. Grant held steady in second-place defending against Dungey as the KTM ace sought a line past. Villopoto pushed into the mix too and soon it was a three-way battle for the runner-up spot. Dungey got the best of Grant within the first five minutes of competition and started to stretch a small gap as Villopoto continued to work from fourth-place. RV nipped Grant soon after and then ran hard to catch Dungey and Stewart out front.

Stewart maintained the lead for nearly 10 minutes but Dungey and Villopoto were able to cut the gap on Bubba and the three riders battled neck-and-neck for a period. Stewart was riding strong until he came off a jump in front of the mechanics area and then suddenly slowed to a stop as Dungey and RV blew past. JS7 later cited a broken front rotor as cause for the incident, which forced him to pull out of competition.

Villopoto made a quick move to the front after Stewart exited and though Dungey was able to keep the Kawasaki ace in his sights for a while, RV’s blistering pace was insurmountable. RV and Dungey were in another world toward the end of the race, finishing nearly one minute ahead of Alessi.

Rattray held to finish in fourth, and Canard improved on his Moto 1 showing to finish fifth in Moto 2. Sipes took sixth followed by Barcia in seventh. Bam Bam got a bad start in Moto 2 and languished outside the top-five the entire race. Grant slipped back to eighth followed by Weimer in ninth and Grant’s teammate, Justin Brayton, in 10th.

Villopoto and Dungey took first and second, respectively, overall followed by Rattray in third thanks to his 4-4 showing. Barcia grabbed fourth with his 3-7 result and Alessi rounds out the top-five with his 10-3 performance.

High Point 450 overall podium with Ryan Villopoto  center  in first  Ryan Dungey  right  in second and Tyla Rattray  left  in third.
High Point 450 overall podium with Ryan Villopoto (center) in first, Ryan Dungey (right) in second and Tyla Rattray (left) in third.

High Point 450 Motocross Results 2013:
1. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) 1-1
2. Ryan Dungey (KTM) 2-2
3. Tyla Rattray (Kawasaki) 4-4
4. Justin Barcia (Honda) 3-7
5. Mike Alessi (Suzuki) 10-3
6. Trey Canard (Honda) 7-5
7. Ryan Sipes (Suzuki) 6-6
8. Josh Grant (Yamaha) 5-8
9. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki) 8-9
10. Broc Tickle (Suzuki) 11-11
11. Phil Nicoletti (Yamaha) 9-14
12. Justin Brayton (Yamaha) 15-10
13. Malcolm Stewart (Honda) 12-12
14. Chad Reed (Honda) 14-13
15. Vince Friese (KTM) 17-15

450 Motocross Championship Points 2013:
1. Ryan Villopoto, 193
2. Ryan Dungey, 177
3. Justin Barcia, 148
4. Trey Canard, 120
5. Mike Alessi, 116
6. James Stewart, 104
7. Tyla Rattray, 95
8. Ryan Sipes, 79
9. Jake Weimer, 69
10. Broc Tickle, 67

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