Kawasaki Teryx4 Lone Ranger Adventure

June 25, 2013
By Mike Calabro
ATV contributing editor Mike Calabro prepares for his Kawasaki Teryx4 Lone Ranger adventure in Santa Fe.
Mike Calabro even brought a name tag so Johnny Depp could find him, but alas, no Depp meant no movie star bro-time at the Kawasaki Teryx4 Lone Ranger Adventure.

Hi-Yo, Kawasaki, Away! : A wrap-up of the Kawasaki, Lone Ranger Live the Legend: Adventure of the Teryx4 event

I was excited as a pre-teen girl at a Beiber concert in the hopes of spending a day riding the Kawasaki Teryx4 side x side with Johnny Depp.

I fantasized that we would cruise past towering desert mesas while talking about his role in the new Disney movie “The Lone Ranger,” which debuts July 3. Johnny, as he would ask me to call him by his first name, would appreciate my awesome piloting skills and we would become lifelong friends. He would recognize my untapped raw potential and turn me into the next, well, Johnny Depp. I would be a movie star. My dreams were quickly crushed as Jeff Herzog, Chief of Kawasaki Public Relations, told the group of ten off-road powersports journalists our itinerary for the next few days. Sadly, hanging out with Johnny was not on it.

We were all invited to be part of the Kawasaki Live the Legend: Adventure of the Teryx4 event – a new partnership between Kawasaki and Disney Studios. Concentrating on a “Live the Legend” campaign line, Kawasaki’s effort is heavily oriented to video creations depicting a transition from the Gore Verbinski-directed film to scenes of modern day adventurers with the company’s Teryx4 side x side, KX motocross, and Ninja sportbike products. The action-oriented “Live the Legend” video appears on KawasakiTV’s YouTube channel. We spent an action packed two days in Santa Fe, New Mexico, living a legend of our own.

We headed out after sunrise to ride at Caja Del Rio Canyon (locally known as Devil Canyon) 15 miles west of Santa Fe on a fleet of polished Teryx4s. They didn’t stay clean for long as we toured the dusty landscape for half the day. In keeping with the theme of the movie, two partners will unite to set out on a unique adventure. I played the sexy Tonto, naturally as we took turns driving.

The Teryx4 has the most comfortable passenger seat in its class. We got special permission from the US Forest Service to ride in the area during a high fire warning. But only after a lengthy speech on how to be as careful as a naked man climbin’ a barbed wire fence during the high fire warning, and how to use the supplied fire extinguishers just in case. The Caja Del Rio Allotment is now a community-managed grazing area and trail system for mountain bikes and horses. Our horses had four tires instead of four legs, and we were sternly made aware not to harass any of the other four-legged animals in the area.

The Live the Adventure campaign between Kawasaki and Disney Studios combines footage from the Lone Ranger with shots of various Kawasaki models in action.
The “Live the Adventure” campaign between Kawasaki and Disney Studios combines footage from the “Lone Ranger” with shots of various Kawasaki models in action.

After some tasty vittles, we went to the premier of Disney’s “The Lone Ranger.” The film was shot in five states over the course of 150 days, with much of the filming taking place along the Rio Puerco in New Mexico.

We were amongst the very first media to view the move and got to see it before the official Red Carpet Premier. The scenery in the movie was fine as cream gravy and much better than our trail ride earlier in the day. Jerry Bruckheimer, the director, was spotted a few seats down from me but high-tailed it out of the theater once the movie was done and before I could ask for an audition in his next movie. Sadly, no cameras were allowed in the theater.

In addition to the movie premiere and trail ride, we had the opportunity to directly interact with the Hollywood movie media by becoming “deputized” professional pilots – escorting media attendees at another Teryx4 riding event at the Buckman Track ATV/MX Park. I was cosmically rewarded with a buxom cowgirl to drive around after Johnny crushed my dreams of bro-hood movie stardom. Disney really is the happiest place on earth, even if you’re not physically on the property.

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