LeoVince Offers Pipe for Honda Grom

June 26, 2013
Courtesy of LeoVince USA
The Honda Grom has a GP Corsa Carbon Fiber Racing Slip-on from LeoVince.
The Honda MSX125 has a GP Corsa Carbon Fiber Racing Slip-on from LeoVince which will be available in July.

LeoVince USA knows that even the smallest bikes need big power and lightweight exhausts, and the Honda MSX125 is no exception. LV One and GP Corsa Racing slip-on exhausts will be available for the 2013 Honda MSX125 beginning at the end of July.

MSX stands for “Mini Street Xtreme,” and the diminutive Honda is already gaining a popular following after its launch in Asia earlier this year. Now, the MSX125—known as the Grom 125 in Japan—is coming to the U.S. It’s a bike that suits the beginning rider, the commuter, or the seasoned rider looking for affordable fun.

Overseas owners of the Honda MSX125 are already adding custom parts and engine mods, and in July U.S. owners will also have upgrade options, beginning with the LeoVince LV One or GP Corsa slip-on.

The LV One EVO II is a stainless steel slip-on that features Superbike styling at an entry-level price. The sleek lines of the exhaust are capped by the new LVHT1 (LeoVince high temp 1) “techno-polymer” end-cap, and a carbon fiber strap holds everything in place. A removable EVOII sound insert lets you adjust the tone.

The GP Corsa Racing slip-on will be available for the Honda MSX125 in both an aluminum and carbon fiber option. This high-power, low-cost exhaust reduces weight and increases horsepower across the RPM range. Designed with small-bore bikes in mind, the GP Corsa Racing slip-on is engineered to provide maximum power gains and is specifically tuned for the MSX125. A removable sound insert gives muffling options.

The GP Corsa Racing slip-on exhausts will start at $199 MSRP for the Aluminum silencer, $239.00 for the Carbon Fiber model and the LV One stainless version will have a suggested MSRP of $389.00. They will be available for orders in mid to late July.

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