2014 Victory Motorcycles First Look

July 31, 2013
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Victory Motorcycles celebrates its 15th Anniversary this year with a full lineup of cruisers, tourers, and baggers. The crew from Medina, Minnesota has come a long way since the debut of the V92C and now boasts over 100,000 motorcycles sold. At its 10th anniversary, Victory’s sales had just crested the 50,000 unit threshold, so it has doubled

The thrust of Victorys efforts in 2014 centers on its best-selling bagger  the Cross Country  that now comes in 10 different color options and a special Ness edition.
The thrust of Victory’s efforts in 2014 centers on its best-selling bagger, the Cross Country, that now comes in 10 different color options and a special Ness edition (below).
Arlen  Cory and Zach Ness pooled resources to come up with the 2014 Ness Cross Country.

production over the last five years. A trip to Sturgis or Daytona Beach Bike Week validates the fact that there’s more Victory Motorcycles on the road than ever before. The American motorcycle manufacturer has also been working hard to expand its global presence and is now being sold in over 20 countries.

The 2014 range of Victory Motorcycles centers in large part around its best-selling bagger, the Cross Country, which has become a big hit for the company since its 2010 debut. This year Victory splashed its 8-Ball treatment on both the Cross Country and its compatriot, the 2014 Cross Roads. Victory has found success at blacking out bikes since 2005 and the 8-Ball treatment on the 2014 Cross Country extends to its Freedom 106 engine, bars, fork, exhaust, paint, down to details like its bag hinges, bezel rings and tinted windscreen. The audio system has been pared down so it’s now driven through an iPod. One of its strongest selling points is that the 2014 Cross Country 8-Ball rings in at a grand less than other Cross Country models with an MSRP of $17,999. Overall the Cross Country is being offered this year in no less than 10 paint variations, including a Ness Legacy Paint scheme on the namesake 2014 Ness Cross Country. All Victory Baggers are equipped with floating brake rotors with multi-piston calipers and ABS, fork-mounted fairing, rider floorboards with adjustable foot controls and air-adjustable rear preload.

The 2014 Cross Roads comes in two different forms. One is the blacked-out 8-Ball version, the bike decked out with big hard bags, its signature chiseled 5.8-gallon tank decked out in fetching gloss black while wide-set cruiser bars sit at the waiting. The second offering is the more traditional 2014 Cross Roads Classic, complete with studded leather saddlebags, front and rear fender bumpers, a chrome light bar, driving lights, a tall touring windscreen, and chromed headlight and nacelle. The stripped-down, blacked-out 2014 Cross Roads 8-Ball lists for $15,999 while the dressed up for Sunday dinner Classic version runs a couple grand more at $17,999.

This year Victory introduces its first Factory Custom Paint program for the top-selling Cross Country. According to Victory, it’s based on a “designer’s handcrafted paint job and hand-laid graphics” with limited production numbers that will be offered “straight off the factory floor.” The combos come with colorful names like Tequila Gold with Flames, Two-tone Boss Blue and Gloss Black and Suede Silver with Flames. A full line of Victory Accessories, from Tri-Oval exhaust to Boomerang, Blade or Klock Werks Flare windscreens to pegs and grips are also available to further tailor each bike purchase to the rider’s own personal tastes.

The 2014 Victory High-Ball comes in a new suede black with flames version.
The 2014 Victory High-Ball comes in a new suede black with flames version.
For 2014  Victory updated the seat on the 2014 Judge and switched up the riders triangle by bringing the bars in four inches and moving the footpegs  too.
For 2014, Victory updated the seat on the 2014 Judge and switched up the rider’s triangle by bringing the bars in four inches and moving the footpegs, too.
Victorys muscle cruiser  the 2014 Hammer 8-Ball  has a hidden passenger cowl and a 250mm wide rear tire thats great for doing smoky burnouts thanks to the power of the Freedom 106 V-Twin.
Victory’s muscle cruiser, the 2014 Hammer 8-Ball, has a hidden passenger cowl and a 250mm wide rear tire that’s great for doing smoky burnouts thanks to the power of the Freedom 106 V-Twin.

On the cruiser side of things, Victory dropped $1000 from the price of its solo brawler, the apehanger-strung 2014 High-Ball now listed at $13,499 and available in a racy Suede Black with Flames version in addition to the previous black and white model. Victory must have been listening to customer input because it ditched the old bulky headlight for a more fitting round headlight. The Suede Black & White version is outfitted with cast wheels and whitewalls while the new Suede Black with Flames version gets spoke wheels matched to its whitewalls. It continues to come with handlebars that can be adjusted running arms hung high or lowered for a more laid back riding position. And while the High-Ball made the cut for 2014, its hard-bagged brother, the Victory Hard-Ball, has been dropped from the lineup.

The company’s muscle cruiser, the 250mm-shod 2014 Victory Hammer, returns in 8-Ball form. An inverted fork anchors the front while a small passenger seat continues to be hidden beneath a hard-shelled removable cowl.

Also making this year’s roster is the 2014 Victory Judge with a new rider position, an uprgraded seat and a little bit different styling. Victory said it based the new rider set-up on customer input, equipping it with pullback bars that bring the reach to the grips four-inches in and forward pegs pushed four inches back. The round, raceplate-style side covers have been replaced with an edgier design and the two-piece seat has been revised, the passenger pad easily removable for a quick conversion to a solo rider.

The 2014 Victory Boardwalk gets a new two-tone paint scheme with pinstripes and sports 60-spoke laced wheels wrapped in Metzeler whitewalls. Chrome bits and draping fenders add to its classy disposition, all for the same $14,999 price tag as last year.

The 2014 Victory Vegas 8-Ball is the bargain of the bunch, the gloss black bike listing for $12,499. The 8-Ball treatment includes the bike’s engine, headlight, bars, pipes, wheels, belt guard, and frame. Like all Victory models, the 2014 Vegas 8-Ball gets its punch from the meaty Freedom 106/6 V-Twin, albeit the big rigid-mounted powerplant comes in two states of tune depending on whether it’s used for touring or cruiser applications.

The 2014 Victory Jackpot gets a modest styling revamp but lists more affordably than ever at $15,999, the base model selling for $18,499 last year. The Jackpot balances a 21-inch tall front wheel with a 250mm wide rear. A raised spin continues to run down the tank and fenders with the backside featuring a Frenched-in taillight. The bike blends a bit of bling in the form of a chromed engine, exhaust, fender rails and bars countered by blacked-out fork legs and triple trees. Victory Cruisers are tuned slightly different than its touring bikes and are claimed to provide about 4 lb-ft more torque in a lighter, nimbler package.

On the touring front, the 2014 Cross Country Tour leads the charge with class-leading 41 gallons of storage, a Comfort Control System with manually adjustable vents so riders can control the flow around them and spacious floorboards that allow for plenty of leg room. One of the best features is its chassis, centered on a two-piece, sand-cast hollow aluminum frame. We can attest to the bike’s road-hugging abilities. The ABS is another components we can vouch for after a close call in Dallas on the Victory Cross Country, the non-linked system equipped with sensors on each wheel monitoring speed while looking for signs of slippage or wheel lock. A 5.8-gallon tank provides a good deal of range between gas station stops. Passenger floorboards that can be adjusted for height over a two-inch range and tilted at 10-degrees will keep riding partners happy. Thee power outlets are also helpful accessories in the electronic age.

In honor of its 15th anniversary, Victory has dressed up a special 2014 Cross Country Tour Limited Edition. The bike is loaded with a slew of high-end trim, chroming out everything from its switch cubes to its saddlebag and trunk racks. Its fenders also get a shot of chrome trim, as does the fuel cap. Throw in Kicker speakers, trunk and saddlebag liners, a Zumo GPS system, XM radio, and special commemorative badges to go along with its striking Anteres Red and Gloss

The 2014 Victory Cross Country Tour has class-leading storage  a Comfort Control System  and plenty of rider-friendly amenities like leg-stretching floorboards.
The 2014 Victory Cross Country Tour has class-leading storage, a Comfort Control System, and plenty of rider-friendly amenities like leg-stretching floorboards. It also has a very capable chassis that hugs tight at lean.
Giving motorcycles the blacked-out treatment has proven to be a successful formula for Victory.
Giving motorcycles the blacked-out treatment has proven to be a successful formula for Victory.

Black paint and you’ve got a bike prepared to log miles in comfort and style. We should know. We rode one for about 1200 miles in one week around New England during our trip East for the 2013 Laconia Motorcycle Rally and the bike came through in spades regardless of what was thrown at it, the suspension of the special Cross Country Tour up to the task of handling the rough roads of New York City to being rock-solid stable during hundreds of miles logged in driving rain.

The avante garde-designed 2014 Victory Vision Tour provides plenty of rider conveniences, from heated seats and grips to standard cruise control and an electronically adjustable windscreen. Its topcase and integrated saddlebags provide 29 gallons of storage and unlike Victory’s fork-mounted baggers, the front end of the Vision Tour is affixed to the frame. It too has ABS, only the system on it is linked. The Victory Vision Tour has air-adjustable rear suspension that can be dialed in for preload and a healthy amount of travel on the rear at 4.7 inches.

While Arlen, Cory and Zach have each put their spin on a Victory model in the past, this year Victory offers a single collaborative effort, the 2014 Ness Cross Country. The limited-edition bagger includes diamond-cut heads on an engine with chrome cylinder heads, a custom gunfighter-style seat, and Boomerang windshield. The fork legs are blacked out and lead up to tubular chrome highway bars. It comes complete with rider-friendly amenities like ABS, standard cruise control and a Kicker SPE audio system with an iPod-based interface. Arlen established his reputation not only in building unique custom motorcycles, but as an incredible painter as well so it’s only fitting the 2014 Ness Legacy Cross Country features stand-out Ness Legacy paint and graphics. Every bike comes with a numbered engine plate signifying where it stands in the production sequence.

“We worked hard to add features and attain price points that make 2014 Victory motorcycles more desirable than ever before,” said, Steve Menneto, Vice President for Polaris Motorcycles in the press release announcing the 2014 Victorys. “Riders know that a Victory is a rider’s bike, and now we have loads of options for them, whatever their style. We’re offering that with more value than ever before in making our motorcycles more attainable while increasing features and options. Victory Motorcycles has never had the diversity and approachability that it does for 2014.”