JT Racing on Alessi Washougal Incident

July 26, 2013
Courtesy of JT Racing
Following the unfortunate incident that took place surrounding the MCR team in which it supports, JT Racing has gotten much feed back from it’s loyal fan base and industry personnel over the past several days. Owner and CEO Daniel Sandstedt felt it was important to publicly address the comments and concerns put forth on a more personal level.

“When we originally learned of what took place at the Washougal National, we were obviously just as surprised and disappointed as Mike Alessi and the fans of our sport were. Throughout the past several days, we have been getting a wide variety of communications from fans and industry personnel voicing their opinions on whether or not we should continue to support the team and Mike Alessi. While we appreciate the passion behind these concerns, I have learned over the years to never pass judgment in the height of a controversial situation. Following many discussions with all parties involved, disciplinary actions taken by MX Sports, and most recent statements by Jeff Alessi and Mike Genova, I feel enough has been done to properly address the fact that this did not have anything to do with Mike Alessi as a person or athlete. Mike Alessi is one of the kindest, hardest working people I have met in this industry and he has been a great ambassador for the JT Racing brand during it’s re-birth throughout our sponsorship of him and his team. He deserves the respect of the fans and his peers for the simple fact that he has continued to stay focused and persevered through the physical and emotional challenges he has been faced with over his ten-year professional career. Without the support and commitment of his team, we may not have seen the resurgence we witnessed last summer as Mike was the rider who stood out and consistently bridged the gap between 1st and 3rd following the injuries of some of his top competitors. We will continue to support him in every way we can and appreciate what he has done for the sport and for JT, rather than hold him and his supporters accountable for the erroneous choices made by his brother in whom Mike had no knowledge or control of. We believe keeping our chips on the table will set the right example here for us all to continue to contribute what we can to our beloved sport of motocross and not become another member of the masses taking away from it in a time of need.”

Thank you all for your support of my products and my company. We will continue to deliver the best in every way we can. Now, lets go racing.


Daniel Sandstedt


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