Mid-Ohio SuperBike Race 2 Results 2013

July 14, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Monster Energy Graves Yamaha’s Josh Herrin took his second win of the season in AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike Race 2 at Mid-Ohio. His teammate, Josh Hayes, ended the day in second-place despite crossing the finish line at the head of the pack. Hayes jumped slightly off the start and was given a five-second penalty mid-race. He fought to make up the time and was extremely close to regaining the lead, but came-up short by one-tenth of a second in adjusted time. Yoshimura Suzuki’s Martin Cardenas rounded out the podium in third.

Hayes was in typical form, blasting to the front through the opening turns and holding there with little trouble from the field. Herrin kept on his teammate’s rear tire while National Guard Jordan Suzuki’s Roger Hayden pushed his way into podium contention by the end of Lap 1. The two Graves Yamaha riders built a slight gap on the field, but Hayden was tenacious and caught back up to the lead pack in the opening laps. Hayden’s fortunes soured mid-race when he lost rear grip in a hard-braking section, which forced him to stand the bike up and run off into the gravel. He dropped from third to ninth and was only able to recover one position before the checkers. Cardenas slipped into the number three spot when Hayden ran off track, but was well behind the two Yamaha riders and never had a chance to contend for the win.

Jordan Suzuki’s Danny Eslick trailed Cardenas in fourth while Team Hero’s Geoff May came across the finish line in fifth. May led a tightly grouped trio battling for fifth-place that included May’s teammate, Aaron Yates and HMC KTM’s Chris Fillmore. Yates remained on May’s rear tire right to the end, finishing sixth, but Fillmore lost ground somewhat during the final laps, coming across the line close to two seconds behind the EBR riders.

Hayes maintains the points lead, six points ahead of Herrin and Cardenas, who are now mathematically tied at 186 in second. Cardenas is listed third due to his single win against Herrin’s two while Hayden holds to fourth, three points ahead of Eslick in fifth.

AMA SuperBike Mid-Ohio Race 2 Results 2013:
1. Josh Herrin (Yamaha)
2. Josh Hayes (Yamaha)
3. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki)
4. Danny Eslick (Suzuki)
5. Geoff May (EBR)
6. Aaron Yates (EBR)
7. Chris Fillmore (KTM)
8. Roger Hayden (Suzuki)
9. David Anthony (Suzuki)
10. Taylor Knapp (KTM)
11. Cory West (EBR)
12. Dustin Dominguez (EBR)
13. Chris Ulrich (Honda)
14. Huntley Nash (Kawasaki)
15. Danny Kelsey (Suzuki)

AMA SuperBike Championship Points 2013:
1. Josh Hayes, 192
2. Josh Herrin, 186
3. Martin Cardenas, 186
4. Roger Hayden, 133
5. Danny Eslick, 130
6. Larry Pegram, 118
7. Chris Fillmore, 107
8. Geoff May, 92
9. David Anthony, 85
10. Aaron Yates, 84

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