Red Bull Romaniacs Results 2013

July 8, 2013

By Byron Wilson

Husaberg Extreme Racing Team’s Graham Jarvis made Red Bull Romaniacs history, clinching his fourth title in the 2013 edition. Apart from a difficult second day, Jarvis dominated the top of the timesheet throughout the competition, ending close to an hour ahead of his teammate and second-place finisher, Alfredo Gomez. Husqvarna’s Andreas Lettenbichler rounded out the podium.

Jarvis finished fifth in the Prologue, but turned on the jets during the race on Day 1, building a 26-minute gap on the field.

“Day one was probably the most important result of the week for me,” said Jarvis. “Between the hot weather and the hard trails it was a really tough ride. I kept pushing all day and managed to make very few mistakes. I think that helped set me up for the rest of the week.”

On Day 2 Jarvis crossed the line in fifth once again, owing to a GPS failure that earned him a 15-minute penalty for missing a number of waypoints. The Husaberg rider remained at the top of the heap overall though and in the final two days proceeded to stretch his advantage out for the overall win.

“I was disappointed to have got a 15-minute penalty on Day 2,” added Jarvis. “My GPS system was programmed wrong and I missed a couple of waypoints. Even though I had a big lead I knew I couldn’t afford any more mistakes like that again. I rode hard on day three and was able to gain some time back.

“Throughout day four I kept an eye on the times and after the final service check I knew the race was mine. It felt great to stand on the top step of the podium for the fourth time. I’m really happy with how everything has gone.”

Alfredo Gomez ran his first Romaniacs in 2013 and finished second overall.
Jonny Walker faced a number of challenges during the 2013 Romaniacs  including running out of fuel on Day 1  forcing him to push his bike a considerable distance.
(Above) Alfredo Gomez ran his first Romaniacs in 2013 and finished second overall. (Below) Jonny Walker faced a number of challenges during the 2013 Romaniacs, including running out of fuel on Day 1, forcing him to push his bike a considerable distance.

Gomez, in his first ever Romaniacs, was consistent during all four days of racing, holding to second overall from Day 2 onward. Lettenbichler was similarly fast, falling out of podium position on the timesheet just once, on Day 3 with a fifth-place result.

“I can’t believe how well this race has gone for me,” said Gomez. “This was my first time competing at the Red Bull Romaniacs and I didn’t know exactly where I could finish. I’m so happy to have ended the race in second position.

“This event is different to most other races. There’s a lot of navigation and at first I found that difficult. But once I learned it I began to feel more comfortable. On Day 4 I made things a little difficult for myself. I found it hard to get a good rhythm and lost some time – I was thinking too much about the result. After the service check I relaxed and rode much better. I caught up to Jonny Walker and then stayed with him to the finish. Finishing on the podium for the first time is just incredible.”

Fourth-place finisher, Jonny Walker of Factory KTM, got off to an incident-packed start on Day 1. Early on he crashed his bike and lost his GPS, but was able to remount and get within 11 minutes of the leaders. Toward the end of the race, Walker ran out of fuel and was forced to push his bike for a considerable distance before he received assistance from another rider. He powered through the difficulty to finish fifth but was over an hour adrift of Jarvis’ lead.

Walker regrouped after the difficult opening to finish fastest on Day 2, and for the final two days worked to push into podium position. He was riding faster than the top-three riders on the final day but then made a navigational mistake in the latter portion of the race which forced him to double back in order to find the track. He ended the extreme enduro less than four minutes behind Lettenbichler.

KTM’s Paul Bolton finished fifth followed by Chris Birch in sixth. Beta pilot Ben Hemingway took seventh with KTM’s Philipp Scholz and Lars Enoeckl trailing in eighth and ninth respectively. Husaberg’s Wade Young rounded out the top-10.

Red Bull Romaniacs Overall Results 2013:
1. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg) 23:46:55
2. Alfredo Gomez (Husaberg) 24:32:21
3. Andreas Lettenbichler (Husqvarna) 24:46:57
4. Jonny Walker (KTM) 24:50:46
5. Paul Bolton (KTM) 26:01:54
6. Chris Birch (KTM) 26:05:26
7. Ben Hemmingway (Beta) 26:42:26
8. Philipp Scholz (KTM) 32:02:41
9. Lars Enoeckl (KTM) 32:06:36
10. Wade Young (Husaberg) 32:10:37

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