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July 16, 2013
Courtesy of Paiute Trail UTV Jamboree
Soaring with Eagles at 12,000 feet!

That’s right! Several of the rides on the Paiute Trail Jamboree cross the amazing Tushar Mountains with peaks as high as 12,174 feet. The Tushars are home to a variety of wildlife but the most famous resident of the Tushars are the Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep with a heard that now exceeds 300. You will enjoy riding in the cool, clean mountain air and experience wildlife, sights and sounds that you can’t experience anyplace else in the world.


Yes the Paiute Jamboree is a 100% trailer-less event! All rides depart and return from the Marysvale City Park in Marysvale, Utah. The event is centered at the Heart of the Paiute Trail giving the event hundreds of options for rides going in a variety of directions. Ordinances in Marysvale allow for riding OHV’s on the city streets so you can ride to and from your lodging or RV park without a hassle.

Small Town Hospitality

Marysvale is a town of approximately 400 people so you can expect small town hospitality with enough services to make for a comfortable stay. Take a few minutes to visit with the locals and you will meet great people and might even hear a few tall tales. Tug’s, the only gas station in town is famous for gathering the locals each day for a cup of coffee and a good old world problem solving session.

Be Sure to Bring the Kids

The kids won’t be left to sit around while mom and dad have all the fun. We have lots of great kid oriented events! The kids can participate in Arena events, Drag Racing, Obstacle Course, Mud Run Obstacle Course!, Kids’s Drag -Foot Race, and the Famous Mud Pit Belly Flop Contest! If you leave the kids at home you will never live it down! 

You’re not in Moab Toto

We have nothing against Moab, it has some seriously beautiful country and intense riding so it’s worth a stop on your way to the real destination – The PAIUTE TRAIL. Don’t expect to hang on the edge of a 3000′ rock wall or climb 90° rock faces. The Paiute is not extreme riding country. The Paiute Trail is all about scenic riding and taking in the wonders of nature. Not that we don’t have a few technical trails, it’s just not our #1 attraction. Sitting in the middle of literally thousands of miles of great riding trails is our main attraction. Pick a direction and start riding. Just make sure you have a plan for more fuel if you run out. You will find the Paiute Trail Jamboree to be for all skill levels and your guides will ensure that you will safely and enjoyably get through anything challenging.

Plenty of Accommodations

Though Piute County isn’t a large county, we have lots of RV Parks, Cabins and Lodging options. Besides commercial options, dispersed camping is allowed on much of BLM and Forest Service Lands throughout the county. You will also find a variety of food options from a basic burger to all you can eat crab. A day in Piute County and you won’t miss the fast food and hustle and bustle of the city.

Great New Products
Industry support from manufacturers like Arctic Cat mean that you will have the opportunity to test ride new vehicles like the Arctic Cat Wildcat UTV, just stop by that giant truck and ask. Looking for a new ride? Check out one of the dealer trailers and ride away in a whole new rig. Need some new Tires? Stop by one of the several vendor booths that have a great selection and even better deals. Hungry? Grab a slice of pizza and keep riding or join us for dinner each night. Snag a few souvenirs or a whole new wardrobe.

Turn Down the Heat Baby

While the south western US is trying to survive 120° heat, the residents of Marysvale are enjoying moderate beautiful weather. With Marysvale being well over a mile high at 5863′, you can expect moderate temperatures with an average temperature in the 80°’s during the day and cooling off to the 50°’s at night. In addition to reasonable temps at the venue, expect to drop 10°-15°’s within 10 minutes of your ride departure as you head into the mountains. August and September are without question the best months to ride the world famous Paiute Trail.

Don’t take our word for it

“The Paiute Jamboree is a great event, in a great location, run by a great group of volunteer staff! We wouldn’t miss it! Without Question the Best off-road event in Utah!! ” ~ Dave Hutchinson Salt Lake City, Utah

We look forward to the Paiute Trail Jamboree every year, we wouldn’t miss it for the world! Best scenery, best food, and a well organized event! It’s a great fun family event!” ~Brent Jackson Clearfield, Utah

“The Paiute Trail Jamboree never let’s us down! Lots of great riding, great people, fun for the kids, and exciting competitive events. We wouldn’t miss it!” ~ Megan Black Tremonton, Utah

Who Say’s Nothing in the World is Free??

Yes the Paiute Trail Jamboree is 100% free to participate. Show up! Go on the Rides! Watch our entertainment! Participated in the competitive events and you won’t spend a dime! Sure you can choose to eat some great food for a few bucks, buy a t-shirt or make a donation but that’s entirely up to you! Our event is FREE to participate and you might even get free lunch on one of the sponsored lunch rides! You can’t go wrong when your out of pocket costs are $0.00.

Get Registered Now!

The Jamboree continues to grow each year and we expect to hit our cap this year. If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? Get registered ASAP to save your spot at the best OHV event in the state of Utah! Trust me, if you don’t take the spot somebody will!!

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Get out of the heat, see great wild life, eat great food, participate in some awesome competitive events, meet great friends and do it all for FREE!
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