SJSU Campus Police Using Zero Motorcycles

July 9, 2013
Courtesy of Zero Motorcycles
With near silent patrols  officers prefer riding Zero Police Motorcycles.
With near silent patrols, officers prefer riding Zero Police Motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, is thrilled to officially announce that the San Jose State University Police Department (SJSU PD) is utilizing two Zero Motorcycles Police bikes for campus patrols. The first ever motorcycles to join the campus fleet, Zero’s Police Motorcycles were chosen for their ease of use, manoeuvrability, near silent ride and San Jose State University’s commitment to supporting local companies. The police bikes are used for everyday patrols, special university events and to respond to emergency calls on campus.
With many obstacles on a busy campus, the Zero Police Motorcycles allow officers to quickly access areas that were previously off limits due to the size of patrol cars. The department is now able to respond to calls much more quickly and efficiently than before as the bikes are fully equipped with police lights and sirens, as well as saddlebags to carry gear and emergency medical equipment. The police motorcycles are based on Zero’s highly popular 2012 MY Zero DS. The Zero DS has an approximate range of 112 miles on a single charge with top speeds of 80 miles per hour.
“The San Jose State University Police Department purchased Zero Police Motorcycles for our patrol division because we believe the company and product blends well the university’s strategic vision and it’s a great way to support the local economy,” said Captain Alan Cavallo of the San Jose State University Police Department. “We are very satisfied with the motorcycles’ performance and especially grateful for the outstanding support we have received from the Zero team since the purchase. Everyone from the assembly line personnel to the upper management team have been fantastic to work with.”

“The Zero Police Motorcycles are quickly being introduced by many law enforcement agencies across the globe and we’re excited that the local San Jose State University Police Department has implemented them on their campus as well,” said John Lloyd, Vice President of Global Sales for Zero Motorcycles. “Costing less than $.01 per mile to operate, with practically zero maintenance costs and zero emissions, the Zero Motorcycles Police Bike is a great addition to any law enforcement agency. The flexibility to be able to ride anywhere, anytime is a valuable asset to the SJSU PD. The silent ride allows them to be aware of their surroundings, keeping both officers and pedestrians safer.”

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