2014 Harley Sportsters Get New Brakes, ABS

August 20, 2013
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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The 2014 Sportster Superlow is now offered with ABS as an option as is the H-D Smart Security System that was previously unavailable on Sportsters.
The 2014 Sportster lineup, including the Superlow above, is now offered with ABS as an option as is the H-D Smart Security System, both previously unavailable on Sportsters.
There are 11 new color and two-tone options and new graphics available for the 2014 Harley Sportster lineup.
There are 11 new color and two-tone options and new graphics available for the 2014 Harley Sportster lineup.
The 2014 Sportster Forty-Eight actually went down  120 in price in 2014.
The 2014 Sportster Forty-Eight actually went down $120 in price for 2014.

While Harley’s unveiling of its Project Rushmore and the announcement of its Twin Cooled TC103 stole most of the headline thunder yesterday, the 2014 Harley-Davidson Sportster also quietly received some notable changes. Among those is the addition of ABS as an option, a first for the long-standing lineup.

“Any motorcycle rider of any experience level can encounter unanticipated road conditions, or a situation that requires maximal braking performance,” said Jennifer Gersch, Product Planning Manager, Outreach, in Harley PR. “When that happens, ABS technology can help the rider maintain control under braking. Even when the road is clean and the weather is perfect, riding with ABS offers an added level of security many riders appreciate.”

The Sportster’s braking system has been revamped altogether. At 300mm, the front rotor is now 8mm larger. The caliper on the front is reportedly 36% larger, with dual 34mm pistons compared to the 25mm units used previously. The new aluminum front master cylinder is supposed to improve efficiency. The rotor on the rear is the same size but the restyled caliper on the back brakes gets dual 38mm pistons. Braided stainless steel brake lines have been outfitted on the front and back. Anti-lock brakes are now a factory-installed option, the wheel sensors small enough so they don’t clutter the look of the wheels. The system is not linked, so front and rear brakes will continue to operate independently. The ABS option sells for an additional $795.

Harley has also revamped the 2014 Sportster’s electrical system. The new analog speedo and digital tach combo is connected to a Trip switch on the left handlebar that allows riders to toggle through tripmeters, an odometer, or select the new gear indicator and rpm display. H-D also updated the Sportster’s wire harness and voltage regulator. It swapped out hand controls for a more ergonomic set, too.

The 2014 Sportster now has the option of being equipped with Harley’s Smart Security System that has been available on other models for years. It uses a key fob to enable the alarm system and to turn the motorcycle off and on. Proximity-based, it automatically turns on the alarm once a rider walks away from the bike and out of range. The security option is available for an extra $395.

With the new models, Harley also addresses the changing face of motorcycle emission standards with a new closed-loop exhaust system. The EPA-friendly pipes combine a catalyst and mini heated oxygen sensors aimed at lowering emissions while the mufflers see the addition of new exhaust shields.

The 2014 Sportster models will be available in 11 new colors and two-tone color combos. New graphics are available, too. Prices have bumped up a couple hundred dollars on average, with the popular Iron 883 going from $7999 to $8399. The 2014 Sportster Forty-Eight, on the other hand, went the opposite direction, dropping from $10,599 in 2013 to $10,479 in 2014.

2014 Sportster Superlow    MSRP $8,249      2013 Prices ($8099)
2014 Sportster Iron 883      MSRP $8,399                             ($7999)
2014 1200 Custom              MSRP $10,649                        ($10,499)
2014 Sportster Forty-Eight  MSRP $10,479                        ($10,599)
2014 Sportster Seventy-Two MSRP $10,849                     ($10,699)

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