2014 WorldSBK EVO Tech Rules Announced

August 27, 2013

By Byron Wilson

Dorna has announced its Technical Rules for World Superbikes, including the new EVO class that will join the SBK grid in 2014. The new regulations are inteded to bring down costs and add entrants to the series.

First, teams in the EVO class will only be allowed six engines per season as opposed to the eight allowed for non-EVO Superbike teams. The fuel injection systems of EVO machines are required to remain as originally homologated, fuel injectors must remain stock, “bell mouths need to remain as originally produced by the manufacturer” and ride-by-wire can only be used if the homologated model comes with the same system. There are no modifications allowed to the crankshaft, connecting rods, piston, piston pins and clips, piston rings, cylinders, camshaft, cam sprockets or gears or the gearbox.

Only one set of gearbox ratios will be allowed to EVO teams, either the homologated ratios or a special racing set. Superbike teams get two options, on the other hand, one of which allows “two different gear ratios for each gearbox speed,” while the other permits “the alternative of three different gear ratios for each gearbox speed.”

The EVO class gets two options regarding the ECU system. The first states that EVO ECUs must remain as homologated, though teams can change the software if needed. The second choice allows teams to utilize an ECU kit that utilizes a special connector to the original wiring loom. The retail price of the ECU kit “cannot be higher than 1.5 times the price of the original system.” “External ignition, and/or injection module/s may be added to the standard production ECU, but their total retail price cannot be higher than the complete ECU kit.”

Click here for the full details of the updated 2014 Technical Rules for Superbike and Superbike EVO classes.

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