AMA SuperSport Miller Race 1 Results 2013

August 3, 2013

By Byron Wilson

California Superbike School’s Joe Roberts took the AMA Pro SuperSport win in Race 1 at Miller Motorsports Park. Meen Motorsports’ Wyatt Farris trailed close behind in second-place followed by RoadRace Factory’s Tomas Puerta in third.

Roberts, who maintains his undefeated streak in AMA Pro Road Racing, blasted from pole position to the early lead with Puerta holding as best he could to the Honda rider’s rear tire. Team 95’s Hayden Gillim slotted into third-place and pressured Puerta for the runner-up spot until Farris began to push his way into the lead pack.

Farris and Gillim traded position a handful of times during the initial laps, but Farris proved to have the edge and soon he, Puerta and Roberts were well ahead of the field waging a fierce battle for the front.

Puerta was tenacious, giving Roberts little breathing room through the first half of the race. Mid-way through the contest Puerta made his move, drafting past Roberts on the start/finish straight and holding the advantage through Turn 1 to assume the lead. Roberts was unfazed by the move, holding steady in second for the next few laps before replicating Puerta’s move to regain the lead. Farris took the opening to also move past Puerta, dropping the Colombian rider from first to third in a single turn.

Soon after, it was Farris’ turn to try the drafting maneuver on Roberts and with three laps remaining the two dropped into Turn 1 side by side, with Roberts closing the door on Farris through the following corners. The Honda ace held through the final laps for his fourth SuperSport win.

“It is pretty great to come out here and win at Miller,” said Roberts. “The race went really good. I got an awesome start with the holeshot, but it was tough the whole time. It was a hard race. I had to push for sure.”

“It is going to be a good race tomorrow,” Roberts continued. “It is going to be hard because these guys are right there with me. I have made a good impression on everyone and shown them that I can do really well, so I am definitely going for the win.”

BP Racing’s Sebastiao Ferreira finished fourth ahead of a tight pack of riders who traded position a number of times throughout the race.’s Stefano Mesa was well entrenched in the battle as well, finishing fifth just three-tenths of a second ahead of CTR Racing’s Miles Thornton in sixth. Gillim, who had been steady in fourth for much of the race after the opening laps, went wide in Turn 1 entering the final rotation, falling back to seventh where he’d finish.

Puerta retains the overall SuperSport West points lead ahead of Baby Appleseed’s Jeffrey Tigert. Ferreira sits third followed by Farris in fourth. Roberts has moved up to fifth overall.

AMA Pro SuperSport Miller Race 1 Results 2013:
1. Joe Roberts (Honda)
2. Wyatt Farris (Yamaha)
3. Tomas Puerta (Yamaha)
4. Sebastiao Ferreira (Yamaha)
5. Stefano Mesa (Yamaha)
6. Miles Thornton (Yamaha)
7. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha)
8. Jeffrey Tigert (Yamaha)
9. Brandon Cleland (Triumph)
10. Ryan Matter (Yamaha)
11. Andrew DiBrino (Yamaha)
12. Royce McLean (Yamaha)
13. Charles Weaver (Yamaha)
14. Conner Blevins (Kawasaki)
15. Alexander Hartl (Yamaha)

AMA Pro SuperSport West Points 2013:
1. Tomas Puerta, 164
2. Jeffrey Tigert, 111
3. Sebastiao Ferreira, 99
4. Wyatt Farris, 91
5. Joe Roberts, 85
6. Charles Weaver, 69
7. Ryan Matter, 59
8. David Sadowski Jr., 56
9. Travis Ohge, 55
10. Andrew DiBrino, 32

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