AMA SuperSport Miller Race 2 Results 2013

August 4, 2013

By Byron Wilson

California Superbike School’s Joe Roberts continued his domination of AMA Pro SuperSport, winning his fifth race in the series and maintaining his perfect record in AMA Pro Road Racing. RoadRace
Factory’s Tomas Puerta crossed the line in the runner-up position followed by Meen Motorsports’ Wyatt Farris in third.

Roberts and Puerta quickly ran away from the field, leaving third-place rider Stefano Mesa of over two seconds behind after the opening lap. The two rider battle for the lead continued with Roberts maintaining his slight advantage until mid-race when Team 95’s Hayden Gillim went down, with officials bringout out the red flag as a result.

Roberts lined up in the lead position for the final seven laps once competition resumed, and Puerta was on his rear tire once again. Farris, who had moved into third-place prior to the delay, settled back into position as well, and all three riders were well within range of taking the lead through the final laps. Puerta managed to move past Roberts with four laps remaining, but the Honda rider was quick to answer back, regaining the front by the following lap.

EYK’s Erick Sanchez finished fourth followed by CTR Racing’s Miles Thornton in fifth. B.P. Racing’s Charles Weaver earned sixth and Baby Appleseed’s Jeffrey Tigert finished seventh.

Puerta retains the overall points lead, and Tigert holds to second. Roberts has moved into third-place overall ahead of Farris in fourth and Ferreira in fifth.

AMA Pro SuperSport Miller Race 2 Results 2013:
1. Joe Roberts (Honda)
2. Tomas Puerta (Yamaha)
3. Wyatt Farris (Yamaha)
4. Erick Sanchez (Yamaha)
5. Miles Thornton (Yamaha)
6. Charles Weaver (Yamaha)
7. Jeffrey Tigert (Yamaha)
8. Ryan Matter (Yamaha)
9. Royce McLean (Yamaha)
10. Andrew DiBrino (Yamaha)
11. Andre Ochs (Yamaha)
12. Corey Alexander (Suzuki)
13. Conner Blevins (Kawasaki)
14. Ryan Johnson (Yamaha)
15. Alexander Hartl (Yamaha)

AMA SuperSport West Points 2013:
1. Tomas Puerta, 189
2. Jeffrey Tigert, 125
3. Joe Roberts, 116
4. Wyatt Farris, 112
5. Sebastiao Ferreira, 99
6. Charles Weaver, 84
7. Ryan Matter, 72
8. David Sadowski Jr., 56
9. Travis Ohge, 55
10. Andrew DiBrino, 43

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