Brass Balls’ Dar Honors Vet Dad at Biker Battles

August 21, 2013
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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The Biker Build Off goes down at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip during the 2013 rally.
Brass Balls Cycles competes in the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s 2013 Biker Battles that was filmed for a Bike Week special by CMT and airs tonight at 8 p.m. (EST)
Kyle Shorey of Shadetree Fabrications built this killer Triumph chopper for the Chips Biker Build-Off.
Kyle Shorey of Shadetree Fabrications built this killer Triumph chopper for the Chip’s Biker Build-Off.
Dar Holdsworths dad hugs his buddy after his son told him the bike he built in the build-off was for him for being his hero and role model.
Dar’s dad is all smiles just before receiving the custom motorcycle Dar built for his hero and role model.
Dar Holdsworth and the Brass Balls Cycles gang accept the award as winners of the Buffalo Chips Biker Build-Off.
Dar Holdsworth and the Brass Balls Cycles gang accept the award as winners of the Buffalo Chip’s Biker Build-Off.

There’s a couple things Brass Balls Cycles’ Dar Holdsworth is passionate about. One is motorcycles. Brass Balls has forged a reputation for making fast and functional machines by winning the prestigious Production Manufacturer class at the AMD World Championships twice. The other is his love for our country and support of American veterans. Dar served in the Air Force during Desert Storm. If there’s a charitable event that benefits US vets, Holdsworth is the first to step up. He’s built motorcycles for and other veteran-related causes.

But his most recent endeavor went beyond that. Brass Balls Cycles had been invited by the Sturgis Buffalo Chip to be one of its contestants in this year’s Biker Battles Build-Off that would be filmed by CMT for its Bike Week special. It presented a great opportunity to get national exposure for a company. It ran pretty much the typical format, the team had one-week to complete a ground-up build with the winner to be declared at the end of the rally. Curious as to what he could do with the bike after it was completed, Holdsworth was told he could do whatever he wanted with it. Not surprisingly, Holdsworth then asked if he could give it to a vet. When given the green light to do just that, Dar had one more question in mind.

“Can we give the bike to my dad, a Vietnam Vet who adopted me when I was 16?”

The answer was a resounding “Hell yeah, that is pure American family values and we love it!”

On Tuesday night at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, onstage at the sold-out Toby Keith concert, the first phase of the plan was executed. First, Keith announced that he had become a co-owner of Brass Balls Cycles. Holdsworth and Keith had met through the Pros 4 Vets organization. Brass Balls had built a custom bike for the Toby Keith Foundation that was raffled off to support the foundation’s OK Kids Korral project. A friendship ensued which grew into a business relationship and resulted in dual ownership. Then Dar’s dad was brought out onstage where Keith told him Holdsworth wanted to honor his hero by presenting him the custom motorcycle being built for the Biker Battle.

“We handed him the tank and he’s been on cloud nine ever since,” Dar wrote in the Brass Balls newsletter.

Two days later, the Brass Balls crew knuckled down and got the bike built. True to form, it’s a real runner, a 111 cubic-inch V-Series S&S providing the punch, a 6-speed Rivera Primo tranny putting that power to the rear. The bike’s bark bellows out of a D&D Performance 2-into-1 reverse megaphone exhaust. The clean front end is anchored by a Three Two Choppers Wishbone Springer while old school hot rod paint ties it all together. All of this was filmed by the watchful eye of CMT cameras for its Biker Battles special.

On the day of the build-off, there was some stiff competition, especially from Shadetree Fabrications Kyle Shorey who had built a killer Triumph chopper. Throwing a twist into the competition, models were covered in body paint and patterns to match the artwork and design of each motorcycle in the build-off. Originally, the winner would be the bike and girl that paired together best, but later it was decided to award two different winners, one solely for the girl with the best artwork and one for the best bike in the show. While the girl representing Shorey’s Triumph won the award for best body paint, Brass Balls Cycles won for best bike in the Buffalo Chip’s Biker Battles.

Afterwards, Holdsworth was able to present the man who stepped up to adopt him when he was 16, who fought for our country in Vietnam, and is Dar’s champion, a custom motorcycle built with love just for him. As Dar wrote, “Dad’s smile says it all.”

The CMT special featuring Brass Balls story airs tonight, August 21st, at 8 and 10 p.m. (EST). It will play on Thursday and Saturday as well.

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