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August 14, 2013
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Rick Fairless Allstate Good Ride Grant Program
Talented custom bike builder Rick Fairless was in Sturgis to help promote Allstate’s Good Ride Grant Program. Fairless is one of the judges of Allstate’s latest rider safety campaign.
Allstate Good Ride Grant Program
Fairless talks to fans at the Allstate booth in Sturgis. An advocate for rider safety, the colorful owner of Strokers Dallas is a lifelong rider who volunteered to help judge the ideas generated by the public aimed toward making the roads safer for motorcyclists in Allstate’s Good Ride Grant Program.
Rick Fairless at Allstate Booth in Sturgis

We all know riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. We don’t have a steel cage protecting us from hazards of the road or other drivers. We’re also outrageously outnumbered out there. In my role as Cruiser Editor for Motorcycle USA, I get to ride bikes all over the country and hear from countless people ideas they have about ways to make our passion safer for everyone. Now it’s possible for the forward-thinking people out there to see their ideas become a reality in Allstate’s Good Ride Grant Program.

Allstate launched its latest motorcycle rider safety initiative last Thursday at the mother of all motorcycle rallies, Sturgis. Colorful custom builder and Strokers Dallas owner Rick Fairless was in town to help launch the campaign. Here’s what he had to say about the program.

“I’m here at Sturgis to promote Allstate’s new Good Ride Grant Program and to drive people to their Facebook page to get involved. We want your ideas. We want ideas on how to make motorcycle riding safer, and Allstate is going to give away $5000 to five different people or groups or organizations to help bring their ideas to fruition.

“It’s all about figuring out what we can do to make riding safer and make us more visible out there. Allstate has had a lot of great ideas to help protect riders out there – like the Once is Never Enough campaign – but they are letting the riding community determine what’s important to them and what they feel will make a difference to make everyone safer.

“I’ve been in this industry forever. I’ve been riding my whole life. I’ve seen way too many people die and get hurt in preventable circumstances. Allstate is doing some good stuff and we just want your help to give us some ideas.

“To get involved simply go to Facebook and search for Allstate Motorcycle. Click the Good Ride Grant icon and start describing your idea. You can upload an image or a video to help tell your story. Allstate is only taking the first 1000 ideas, so make sure to log on now to make your idea heard. The judges will take a look at the submissions in September and figure out the best 15, and then we are letting the Facebook community vote for their favorites. We’ll have five winners who will win $5000 Good Ride Grants to make the ideas come to life. It could be you!” said Fairless.

There are lots of insurance companies out there offering coverage for motorcyclists, but of those Allstate is definitely the most proactive. Its Allstate Rider Protection Project already includes a wide umbrella of rider safety initiatives, including the Once is Never Enough (O.N.E.) program Fairless mentioned that encourages people to look twice for motorcycles at intersections. Most recently Allstate instituted a Rider Risk Map, a Facebook app that allows riders to identify and flag risky areas for motorcyclists so fellow riders are aware of potential danger zones. Allstate has also gotten over 100 “Watch for Motorcycles” warning signs placed at intersections that have statistically been deemed dangerous across the country.

So if you’ve got an idea about how we can make the roads, rallies, and life in general safer for motorcyclists, please put it out there. Allstate is listening to what the riding community feels is important and is actively doing something about it. Enter your ideas and the reasons why they should be awarded a grant on Facebook. Anyone can apply, be it rider clubs, concerned local governments, or just impassioned individuals with good ideas about rider’s safety. Submissions must be in by August 31, 2013, or until the maximum number of entries is received, which is 1000.

After all submissions have been received, the field of 1000 will be narrowed down by six judges, one of those being me. I’m extremely excited about the project and thank Allstate for the opportunity. Anything that can help make the roads safer for us, I’m all for. It’s also an honor to serve on a panel comprised of an esteemed cross-section of industry personalities like Fairless. Others on the panel include my boss, Don Becklin, who founded Motorcycle USA and Motorcycle Superstore and now serves as the Motorsport Aftermarket Group’s retail group president. Don raced motorcycles long before starting up his enterprises and is a true enthusiast. The other judges are Rod Krois, Marketing Director for Indian Motorcycle, Keith Rutman, VP, Allstate’s Powersports Unit, and Rusty Creed, Allstate Agency Owner. As you can see, we come from all walks of life but have one thing in common – the love of motorcycling and concern for the safety of those involved.

In September, the judging panel will determine the top 15 finalists. Those finalists will then be posted on Allstate’s Facebook page where fans will get a chance to vote for the ones they’d like to see implemented by October 31. The five ideas with the highest overall scores will receive a $5000 grant to help put their notions into action. So put those thinking caps on, submit your idea to Allstate, and let’s make the roads safer for us all.

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